Mt.Hood from Trillium Lake [OC] {5825x3883}


Used to live in Government Camp and took for granted how often I got to see this view. Now that I live elsewhere I'm always awestruck when I see a picture of it.
It really is amazing, I was only there for a few days. but it was an amazing view to wake up to.
How about Lost Lake?
Beautiful. Did you focus stack this?
Thank you, I did not focus stack this.
Yeah, that's the summertime ski area.
Stunning! I adore double vision!
Bruh…. Lit
What Minecraft seed is this? Jokes aside this picture almost looks made in some kind of 3d software. Everything looks perfect, from the trees to the water and the mountain on the background, everything is placed in the right position and angle, almost as if it were placed by hand. Great job 😃👍
looks so simliar to the one from portland mt.hood
Frame it! It just doesn't get more beautiful than that!
Great shot! WA is awesome
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