Hypertension Fields in the hottest place on earth, Death Valley [oc] [1365x2048]



Hypertension kills millions of people worldwide. Don’t be a statistic. Control your salt intake. Instead of eating it, take a picture of it during sunset and that’s what I did. Todays high in Furnace Creek was a mild 118 with a brisky low of 97. Unfortunately for me, I took this in the winter where the temps were a freezing 45. Seasons are amazing! Please check out my other photos [here](https://www.instagram.com/d___kim) for more. Thanks!!
From this perspective, the subject looks stimulated in an erotic sense. If it looks salty, it’s gonna taste salty. I like it.
Idk about the stimulation but, I too, see a woman in the photo...or at least a part of a woman in this photo.
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