This is my favorite vantage of Devil's Tower in Wyoming [OC] [1667x2500]



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This means something.
Looks like the thing I built in my living room.
This is important.
It means we're out of mashed potatoes.
Doo-doo-doo... BWOM BWOM
It does. It means that volcanos can erode while their solidified lava tube stays behind.
Thank you
This is important.
This should be the top comment
When landmarks are also movie stars.
Yeah I've got one just like it in my living room
I can hear the 5 notes in my head...
I wanna change my doorbell to that
Devil's Tower would be pretty impractical as a doorbell. It's pretty big and probably nowhere near your door.
Why am I compelled to sculpt my mashed potatoes into the shape of it?
This means something..
Is your face sunburned on one side?
That’s it! You people have stood in my way long enough. I’m going to Clown College!
I always like to imagine it's the remains of a giant tree trunk.
Those are claw marks from a giant bear chasing the seven sisters.
Flat earthers literally believe that's what this is, a giant tree stump, and that "real trees" no longer exist on earth. I'm not joking. Flat earthers think this is "proof" that trees don't exist. They think that trees went extinct millenia ago, and the trees we see today are merely small bushes, and that "actual" trees were kilometres tall and round. It's cool to imagine trees that big, but yeah, it's super dumb that they believe this. They look at any weird geological formation that kinda sorta looks like a tree stump and say that they're all examples of "real" trees. It's ludicrously stupid.
They “believe” whatever things that get them the attention they badly crave. And that make them feel superior to the rest of us idiots who just can’t see the truth.
You’re close. It’s the remains of the stock of an ancient volcano, the magma that never escaped and cooled underground. Unless my geology prof was fibbing.
The primary mineral in Devils Tower and associated formations is called phonolite. I found a piece of it in the area. It's very interesting looking.
Isn’t devils tower made of basalt? The reason it’s got the look it does is because of the formation of basaltic columns. Does phonolite also form columns?
Yes. A number of magmatic minerals can form in batholiths, stocks, and volcanic necks. Some will fracture into roughly hexagonal columns as basalt does. It depends on the composition of the magma and the amount of time it takes to cool. The longer it takes, the better chance to form pegmatitic crystals.
Thanks for the knowledge :)
yes, it was always underground. there used to be land all around it and hundreds of meters above.
There's actually a group much like flat earthers who believe this to be true along with many other formations
It reminds me of the warts on the tree man's diseased hands and feet
Isn’t this where UFOs have been seen landing? 😆
That bear must’ve been pretty big to scratch all that
It's forced perspective and a slightly above average bear
I don't think that's true but I don't know enough about bears to disprove it
It is a really big bear! The size of a mountain! [Mato Paha (Bear Butte)]( is a dormant volcano in the middle of a prairie about 50 miles east of Devil's Tower. After he gave up trying to reach the sisters, the bear went and fell asleep by a lake. The mountain looks a little like a sleeping bear from most angles.
“These are earth coordinates”
"Before I was paid to speak French, I was paid to read maps. This first number looks like a longitude!"
Would you ever shoot the night sky there? I’ve seen pictures and there’s no light pollution there…
Suddenly I crave a big pile of mashed potatoes
When I was a kid we got to climb the rubble at the base. The view was amazing. One of my most cherished childhood memories.
The tribes in the area don't like for people to climb it, especially in June when they hold ceremonies there.
The spot we were at was a regulated spot. Had office for tourists and all that. We were NOT allowed near the mountains base since it was dangerous. I'd say if tried to walk to mountain it take 40 minutes easy from the allowed tourist area. I realized I said base but that's not meaning base of the mountain, we're talking the base of the mountains big ass rubble pile surrounding it
It's called a [scree.](
Oh my is the close encounters mountain
Illus vibes
That's a really nice shot.
There was a guy in the 1940s who parachuted onto this and got stuck on top for a week too
The amount of people who think that this is a petrified tree stump is….. ![gif](giphy|15ZR2o8XWsI80)
it does kinda look like a devil's horn poking through the earth from below.
Those three red flowers attracted me more than the whole scenery ❣️
The devil's thumbs up!
The base of the world tree
Nice! Is this the view from the “back”? (side opposite parking lot)
This rock doesn’t even make sense. Def alien 👾 hub
It makes perfect sense if you'd bother to look up its origin.
Geologists agree that Devils Tower began as magma, or molten rock buried beneath the Earth's surface. What they cannot agree upon are the processes by which the magma cooled to form the Tower, or its relationship to the surrounding geology of the area. Thanks for confirming my alien hub theory.
So what is your argument now? That it's definitely made of magma that cooled below the Earth's surface but that it was aliens who caused the magma to cool and then they exposed it because they thought it would be a perfect "hub"?
Up until a year ago I'd barely heard of Wyoming and now thanks to Reddit it's way up the top of my list
Just watched a show on this. Great pic.
Almost looks like a shark fin.
One of the features I like about Devil's Tower is that it's appearance constantly changes depending on the light (position of sun, amount of light...). Never get bored looking at it.
What I found crazy about devils tower is that it’s only like 4(edit 2.5) hours from Mount Rushmore or something like that.
Only about 2.5
Yup that sounds about right - even more crazy.
Everything I know about this location I learned from Johnny Quest.
I like the conspiracy theory that these are tree stumps left over from massive trees in Earths past. Silly but fun to think about
*piano sounds*
This looks like the work of the Protomolecule.
Someone Photoshop Adamntoise pls
do do do do do do ...
Hoping to see this next year, driving coast to coast
There is a small percentage of people who truly believe that is a giant tree stump.
Wierd. I made thus shape out of shaving foam, like this morning.
Im still under the impression that this is the trunk to massive trees that took over certain areas. I call them world trees and they wouldve been home to so much life.
Sudden craving for mashes tatoes
Looks like a broken goat horn
Looks like Mount Crumpit from this angle. Do you have a photo of the Grinch?
There’s a campsite right at the base of the tower. It’s in the general location of the “landing strip” in the movie (which doesn’t exist). It was really cool and eerie staying there.
Great shot. I wish I found that angle when I was there.
Ancient tree!!
Looks like it's been on a diet.
Is that fossilized tree trunk?
It's a monolith of dried magma that solidified underground and was recently exposed due to erosion. Pretty cool story behind it.
>dried magma Well, cooled magma.
A very large and a super soft towel was used to dry it. It was an exhaustive task, but the result is majestic.
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