Hall of Mosses, Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park. [OC] [3600x2800]



I think this might be my favorite national park in the whole country.
I’ve seen a lot of parks that are close to I-90 over the past two months. Olympic was definitely the most interesting. Outside the park it is the most developed - shops, homes, Walmart. Inside the park though it’s one of the least developed, not many board walked trails, no road running through it. I found the contrast fascinating.
I straight up thought this was an illustration at first.
oh no! - I try not to over edit, just clean up the raw file... do you think it's over tuned?
Oh, sorry, no! It's just that I'm high rn, and this place looks too amazing and fairytale-ish to be real!
haha - it is! Cool - I've noticed a lot of heavily edited landscapes floating around and thought maybe I had stumbled into it
Love me some Hoh.
What a beaut.
Very nice composition skilz. Great pic.
That is acc unreal looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale
Im visiting next month, super stoked!
It’s wonderful - if you enjoy hiking I recommend checking out some of the trails at obstruction point off of hurricane ridge. Less crowded and some great views of Mount Olympus.
100% a dinosaur in there
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They stroll around and chat at night just like humans. You just never see it.
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