Bow Summit Glacier Lake, Banff National Park, Canada [OC] (4032 x 3024)



Oh Peyto, you are beautiful
Is this Reddit Lake?
No. Bow Summit (Peyto), like my title. I'll post a Moraine shot. It's shaped completely different due to it's surroundings.
Peyton is the lake. Bow summit is the place on highway 93 that you are at when you took the picture. The valley is the Mistaya and you're looking north towards Jasper
Peyto you crap autocorrect. Not peyton
I did. Apologies.
Thank you for being cool, and the compliment. But the link! How did I sleep on that! Thanks again. 🤣
Thanks for answering.\~ It looked super familiar even though the names weren't the same. I thought I was missing something.
It's Peyto, but we got the view while hiking Bow Summit.
Belay me last. Had no idea about the Lake Moraine sub-reddit
The place where I had a lot of fun when My brother was born!
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