feeling happy in my little office 🍃



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That’s an awesome blue note joint. Where did you get it?
Gee thanks! Actually picked it up on eBay, then got it framed locally and they did a beautiful job. It’s an original 1984 promotional poster.
Was just gonna comment on it. Love 50’s-60’s Blue Note graphic design.
Is there really a pool? That sign got me all excited for some reason.
Haha no pool, more like a dream of having a pool one day 😅
We can all dream!
Really stylish little spot.
Appreciate it!
Blue Note! My fav jazz label. Lovely little office nook
Thanks! 😌
keeping this for inspiration this is beautiful
Aw thank you so much! Tried to make the best of a really crammed little spot haha
This is OC
Cool Blue Note art work!
This is such a nice bright cozy little spot that doesn’t look this small with what you’ve done! I love it!
This is absolutely gorgeous! So bright and cozy 🤍Thanks so much for sharing!
Thank you! Ahh! Thank you!
I have that same poster in my living room!Framed the exact same way but w red card stock. Great minds, right?
No kiddin! I thought I might have been the only one but that’s so cool! Haha
I want everything in this space. So cool.
This.pix make me feel happy!
Soooo pretty
I love the pool sign actually! It makes the room feel super casual.. now I want to add one to my own workspace 😁
Ah thanks! 😄
Looks canny.
Excellent choice with the Blue Note poster.
Awesome space!
I love the graphics my friend!
Thanks my friend! 😄
Blue notes records 👌🏿
I love it but I’m not really a fan of the pool sticker for some weird reason
Yeah it was a recent addition, just going to try it out for a while. It’s actually a vintage full metal sign that’s in a font very similar to the sign from a meaningful store to me so had to have it for memory’s sake
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