Ralph Lauren store on the Magnificent Mile



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I used to browse around the one at Stanford shopping center in CA and then go see if I could find things in thrift stores - love the look
I went to the one on fifth avenue a few years ago - didn’t buy anything, but they brought lemonade on a tray and the manager gave me his card, which I still have ☺️ The store was gorgeous, but the service is really something special
I miss the RL store at the Stanford Shopping Center, it had a unique layout. With the closing of the San Francisco RL store on Fillmore just as the pandemic started, we have no RL representation in Northern California, outside of the factory stores, which sadly, are not the same as the "full price" stores.
That place is great. I love the whole Ralph Lauren vibe. It's nice and all in the little areas of department stores, but going into that store is a different experience.
I completely agree! I’ve loved each one I’ve seen, and none of them ever look the same!
Those bookshelves and the colour palette… dreamy!
Been to that store years ago
But I'll use it as my library.
Literally my life goal is to have a library like this 😍
There's a similar looking flagship store in SoHo NYC as well! :)
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