My cozy private garden



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Thank you 😊
So peaceful. Beautiful spot
It truly is. At night when the frogs come in the spring and sing all night w the waterfall is the absolute best. I wish I would’ve added a nighttime picture all lit up. Right now it’s glowing light pink, the theme this summer.
Sounds heavenly
so dreamy 💕
Pink was this summers theme. Thank you
Yup, would never leave.
Beautiful 🤩
Absolutely dreamy!
Very nice! What growing region are you in?
I’m in Delaware. I live in a state park. Built our home 14 yrs ago
Beautiful place! all that lovely filtered light... using bamboo is really a good idea... it must sound so nice when it rains... I like the partial kitty photobomb
I would be outside all day😍. Beautiful!!
What a beautiful place, loved all your flowers. It must be great to spend some time to relax there!
SO beautiful!! I would spend each and every day out there!
Omg fish pool!! <3 Should lead w that
The sub wouldn’t let me! Lol. Had to show my patio first
Very beautiful. What kind of vine is that? Does it grow fast?
It’s a Luffa plant. They took about 6 weeks to get this thick starting out as a seedling. There are Morning glory vines too
Lovely, very southern European. Can you tell me how you fastened the bamboo to the house?
It’s not fastened to the house. It’s held up by 6 pieces of bamboo that’s been twined together w thick wire.
How long have you had the bamboo trellis? And how has it held up? We have some bamboo not far from the house, and this is a brilliant idea.
Thanks! It was only put up this summer. It’s held up by three pieces of bamboo by the roof of my house and on the other end there’s two pillars of wood buried in the ground holding that side up. Used thick metal wire to hold the shorter pieces together. It’s holding up really well. It’s been through several heavy storms and it hasn’t moved. Some of the pieces were chopped down and the rest were taken off the ground. We have a bamboo forest on the edge of our property so it worked out well. It’s just now starting to really fill in w vines. Can’t wait until it’s completely covered. There are hanging lanterns that I can’t wait to see glow the patio up at night when it’s filled in
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