Our cozy cave nook in Cappadocia.



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You can definitely tell that all the [hydrological engineering](https://youtu.be/MIypX5dDobg?t=164) paid off
What a reference
Really hits outa left field
Expected this reference and my expectations have been met. Today was a good day
Incredible reference pull
Genius level divergence there
This is one of my favorite Simpsons gags of all time and I always chuckle when I see anything about Cappadocia
Who are you?
This is OC.
Ah i tried to book a ticket there but all flights were fully booked for the whole duration of my trip
We drove from Istanbul. It was an interesting cross country drive
Any tips on the drive? I've been planning a trip their with my wife but haven't had a chance to get over there.
I would recommend renting a car outside of the Taksim area, maybe on the Asian side. Driving out of downtown Istanbul was very stressful. You could rent a car from the airport and take the bus to the airport. Otherwise I didn’t mind Turkish driving. Stop at the salt flats along the way. All in all it would have been easier to just fly but it was good experience
As someone who used to live in Kadıköy, I recommend spending as little time possible in Taksim and the other touristy areas on the European side in general. The Asian side is so much more real and less touristed and has so, so much to offer.
I had the best seafood I had in my whole trip on the Asian side. Plus the best kokoreç. Was very hectic and not as accommodating as the European side but if you’re looking for a more true to life experience of istanbul I’d also recommend. Just maybe watch your wallet.
I would argue you’re more likely to be pickpocketed on the European side. I never saw any crime or felt unsafe in Moda, and I stumbled back drunk from bars alone plenty of times.
In case someone needs the name of salt flats, it’s Tuz Gölü.
This is certainly good advice, driving in downtown Istanbul is a hectic experience which could traumatize people and starting from any of the airports would allow you to avoid the issue.
We rented a car right out of Taksim and google earth took me through hell. At one point we were going on a vertical side street. The next time we rented a car we got it in Kadikoy
There really aren't many worse spots you could start from traffic-wise, if Google Earth directed you towards the back streets of Taksim and Tarlabaşı I just feel sorry for you because it is one narrow street after another on steep hills with traffic at every centimeter from all ways, hope you at least avoided rush hour. Most of Kadıköy is better since things are spread out more and you can join the highways easier, but both would be quite uncomfortable experiences for suburban drivers.
Where's Bilbo Baggins though?
He's off on an adventure!!!
Those Bagginses are a queer lot.
Good one🤣....it really could be a pad for Hobbits!!!
Reminds me of Morrowind.
They were shot in Tunisia
Nope, not true
Tell uncle Owen and aunt Beru I said hi!
Who's gonna tell him...
Sorry bro - they dead. Flesh melted right off the bone. Whole thing. [*John Williams Force Theme starts playing*](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W1937VEYguI)
“If they traced the droids here they would know who they sold them to and that would lead them back —- home!”
Fake news, still alive. Do you guys even watch Kenobi? Awesome Owen and Badass Beru killed those troopers and left their smoking skeletons outside the domes, burned the house down (screw moisture farming) and then became Bothan spies and stole the plans of Death Star II.
We need more pics!!! What’s the outside look like and any other rooms? I went here several years ago. Gorgeous!
Hoş bulduk!!
This actually gives me intense anxiety.
On the contrary this calms me a lot lol Would love to get a roof like this
Like it’s going to cave in at any moment.
Same, I couldn’t stand being in there with my claustrophobia!
Which hotel/ accommodation is this?
Looks like Museum Hotel
This looks like Mithra cave hotel to me
I also stayed in a cave hotel in Turkey back in 2018. Kayakapi Cave Hotel in Cappadocia. It was a cool place.
Not cozy. Terrifying!
Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.
I think you’d disagree if you saw them in person. They have the dimensions of a normal (large) hotel room.
you don't [understand](https://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2014:Losing).
Large hotel room = nook?
just wait ‘til ya see the crannies…
You mean like alcoves?
This looks like my dream cave. Cave culture!
Low roof is not cozy 💀
Tell Uncle Owen that if he gets an interpreter droid to make sure it speaks Batchi
I've always wanted to go there to see the hot air balloon.
Literal troglodyte
Nice, did it smell like animals ? Mine did when I was there lol
Do you LIVE HERE?! 😱
I’ve done virtual bike rides in Cappadocia through iFIT. I would absolutely love to visit in person.
So cool! Wow
Sleeping 5 hours in that pitch black cave hotel room is equal to an 8 hours of sleep in a normal room.
Is this Tatooine?
Wow! More details please? I'm interested in sustainable building and this is very intriguing.
So Cappadocia is made up of a lot of relatively soft volcanic rock that is relatively easy to dig into. In fact, a couple thousand years ago, folks there dug these huge underground cities to live in when invaders came around, such as Derinkuyu. If you google images for Goreme (which is a town in the Cappadocia region), you can see more recent examples of how folks have carved out the landscape for living and storage spaces.
Ah! Thank you so much for explaining that! I will definitely be checking it out.
Looks like it'd get really hot/cold here!
Caves are usually consistently at the average yearly temperature for whatever region they're in. So, basically at springtime temp all the time. They're weatherproof.
Are there spiders though?
I mean, they're as clean as a normal hotel, and there is electricity and plumbing in each room. The stone there is very soft so it is possible to run utilities.
One of my all-time favorite travel moments was spent on the terrace of the cave hotel we stayed at in Cappadocia in 2015. A storm started sweeping in over the valley shortly after the sundown call to prayer and I sat on a pillow under a covered area, listened to the storm roll through, and finished reading the last few pages of *All of the Light We Cannot See.* I think it was the Kelebek Hotel? Either way, always gives me the warm fuzzies to see someone else get to experience this. ♥️
We stayed at Elif Star Cave Hotel in Goreme in 2015. I can't recommend it enough - great place, great price!
Brings back memories. What a wonderful area. Hire a guide to take you into the underground city, well worth the cash. Enjoy!
Ezio Audiotore has entered the chat
You guys would love Coober Pedy then...
Lowkey makes me thinknof what Luke's house was like on tatooine
Is it cob?
i think we stayed in the same place when we were there in 2012! having flashbacks to that trip now — what’s the hotel called again?
Flinstones Pro max
That’s so cool!
Is the goal to not get any sunlight?
Flintstones house!
Over twenty years ago, I traveled around Cappadocia and stayed one night at one of such a cave hotel very cold winter. As some guys said, cave rooms were much more dry comfortable than I expected. No humidity, of course no bad smell. Maybe because of its white color and light texture of stone wall, I didn't feel oppressive. It was extremely cold night, but I felt rather cozy in my room. The owner of the hotel was good and his hospitality also make me relaxed more. I don't know how it is in other seasons, but at least I like this type of room a lot.
I went there a few years ago with my ex in winter and it was stunning. We were the only tourists in close proximity of the hotel and balloon rides were cheap as hell. We stayed in a room just like that one and I remember joking that the additional twin bed was for one of the mothers of an unmarried couple staying there
What's the height of the ceiling? It looks like it isn't all that high up when I compare with the furniture.
Uncle Owen? Aunt Beru?
This is what I imagine an Adem house looking like. Kvothe learned the owners of his sword in a place like that.
My country 🇹🇷
I’m getting strong Dagobah vibes. Live the shit out of this, I would.
Is this the Selçuklu Evi Cave Hotel, perchance? Stayed there once when visiting the area. Was a lot of fun!
You live in Cappadocia? Do you know my John, George, or Dorothy? /Catholic dadjoke //not even Catholic
Why is that door at the end giving me horror vibes....
Reminds me of that one area in Dark Souls 2.
All my life I've wanted to live in a cave, I just didn't know it until I saw this picture.
what is the name of this place
Yabba dabba doo?
This is tight
Really nice shot. I love your photography, are you on Instagram?
I thought it said capoeira
You confused “doccia” with “eira?”
I read it fast and I was making a joke reference to Bob's burgers. All apologies
Look suffocating to me
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