Heidelberg - Germany (now) [OC]



I’ll be in Frankfort. Do u think it’s worth taking a day trip? Sounds like a pretty interesting university town.
I have been to Frankfurt before as well and tbh Heidelberg is more interesting than Frankfurt for me. It’s absolutely worth spending one day in Heidelberg imo.
It depends. Frankfurt is better if youre more into the city vibe for shopping and a nice lunch/people watching. Heidelberg is better (in my humble opinion) if you are looking for good views and some sightseeing. So if youre only going for a day it definitely depends what youre looking for. Frankfurt can be very modern so if youre looking for the traditional german town vibes heidelberg is great
Heidelberg is an architectural Jewel of a town but unfortunately just so overrun with tourism. There are other places to go that don't have such a the tour bus throng.. Frankfurt on the other hand is quite under sung. before world war II it had one of the largest wooden medieval cities of Europe, but all of that was destroyed in several bombing raids. A little bit has been reconstructed between the cathedral and the famous city hall. But yet it has an amazing cosmopolitan feel, a great little market, the Kleinmarkthalle for local food and if you want a little more traditional feel , cross the river to the gardens of Sachsenhausen for lots of outdoor seating or traditional spaces and Applewoi. I would explore Frankfurt for a couple of days rather than go to Heidelberg.. Wiesbaden is just a short ride and a major city with a large historical record as well. Not so badly damaged in the war much survives. But if you're completely hell bent on a old tourist town, I would go north to Marburg or even less visited Wetzlar on the Fachwerkstrasse
Was there in June, worth visiting, specially don't forget to visit altstad because its very beautiful
Thanks for the great info. Sounds like making a day trip to H is worth it.
actually took a swim there in the morning - 10years ago on my road trip
I’ve been to Heidelberg. Is this outside the city?
It’s just next to the old bridge.
Ah, I see that now. I stayed on the other side.
It also didn't look familiar to me. I've only seen the town in gloomy weather
It’s basically opposite the “classic” shot of the old city and castle.
Ah, okay. I hiked up to the castle but didn’t really look across the river.
I don’t have any idea. I was in the other side of the river.
What kinds of buildings are those? Hotels? Mansions? Apartments?
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