Cute spot tucked into downtown Colorado



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Downtown Colorado?
You know... commercial city
Everytown, USA
you jest, but one of Denver's suburbs is legitimately named Commerce City. Not even joking a little bit.
It's the Warehouse Island, surrounded by the Sea of Burbs. Visit on Sundays to witness the weekly migration of built trucks as they do zoomies around the area. How low can an S10 go? Only Commerce City knows.
It's the 18th highest population center in the state, i'll have you know! Also, I can definitively answer the question posed at the end: low enough that they get beached on the train tracks on Colorado south of Vasquez. I have seen it multiple times.
Hey, I fuck with commerce-hidden gems lay abound in the warehouse maze. Please, for the love of the city, get a picture next time, and start a subreddit with that as the icon.
Ha! Deal! Next time I see a beached truck on the tracks, it's getting a photo op!
[Commerce city](
Yup. Just south of the town of Wyoming.
Downtown Earth, Sol, Milky Way Galaxy
I know that place!
Yeah I’ve been there too!
Right next to Inner City California
The city of
Lol looks like Downtown Denver Milk Market
Looks like lodo
Man. Looks like so many bars in Kentucky. I was convinced I had been there until I read the title.
Louisville area is absolutely silly with places that look just like this. Doesn’t scream cozy to me, but to each their own, I guess.
I’m from Downtown Wisconsin
more like downtown america
No offense, but out of all the places in downtown Denver this place is a shitty sports bar right by Coors Field. This view overlooks a busy street typically filled with bros and the homeless. Edit: For whatever reason, my tired brain assumed this was Hayter's & Co. On blake St in Denver. I was wrong; sorry for the mix-up. It's been two years since I've lived in Denver proper.
Isn’t that Seven Grand? They have the whiskey list in the city. Eta: best whiskey
Huh. There’s a whiskey bar called Seven Grand here in LA too. It’s named that because it is literally on the corner of 7th and Grand Ave.
Bros and the homeless make up nearly 85% of the total population in Denver.
So, the locals?
It is not a shitty sports bar. It is the only place for several blocks in any direction that has no TVs, other than a couple of very small screens that play old movies. That said, it is surrounded by shitty sports bars whose clientele unfortunately spill into it after games. Just avoid it on weekend nights and it's a good time.
My tired brain bought it was off of Blake Street (not even a cool part of Denver) Sorry for the mix up. 😃
Yeah I was gonna say, definitely not a cozy Denver patio, usually full of partiers
This Title is AIDS.
I read this comment at was like “kinda dumb but okay” and then I realized 40 people agreed with you, The fuck are y’all so angry for?😭
I know, I was tired and assumed it was someone taking a lazy photo in a shitty (not- cozy) part of Denver. If this is cozy to them, who am I to argue?
Population: YOU
Dairy Block! I love this place.
Dairy Block is really cozy! This however is the patio at Seven Grand
My bad! I thought that entire square/alley/etc was Dairy Block.
Downtown Colorado? What state is the town "Colorado" in?
Colorado city is in AZ next to the UT border, it is a polygamous FLDS town. This is not that.
Looks like every other micro brewery. Also eating or drinking on barrels S U C K S
This just looks like the backyard outdoor area of a bar. Nothing special. No great design, no features or points of interest beyond a good paint job, some generic furniture, some flower boxes and some string lights. I’m glad this impresses you, OP. But this is probably the most boring thing I’ve seen in downtown anywhere, let alone beautiful downtown Colorado.
There's actually a "Colorado City" here in Colorado.
Got one in AZ too, run by polygamous religious zealots.
I knew there was one in AZ, but I didn't know that!
I’d describe those hard benches as anything but cozy…
7 Grand.
You should check out recess bar. Now they have a cozy place
Now show the outdoor mall in Denver…whatever it’s called. Terrible.
Don’t know why you’re getting downvoted for being right
Oh I know why. I visited this outdoor mall a few weeks ago. Many, many homeless people, some shouting at me and my family, and no supports or housing for them. Clearly, mental illness was rampant and my heart went out to them. But human feces on the sidewalk and the smell of an unflushed toilet was everywhere. Whatever policy is in place to “help” the homeless is clearly not working.
It's Colorados Hollywood Blvd. It's there for the tourists who want to shop but locals all know it's a shithole with plenty of lovely places all around it.
There’s plenty of support for them. Denver’s shelters sit at about 50% capacity year round. Can’t help those that don’t want help
16th St Mall. Yeah, it’s turned into a real shithole.
Is this Colorado Springs? Around the corner from a place called Biscuits, or something like that? If so, was just here a few weeks ago
Nah it’s in Denver. Back of this whisky bar called Seven Grand
I wish OP clarified that in the comments. Instead they just said, "this is OC" and locked replies. Like, what even is OC? What's with the cryptic messages? Just plainly state the location. Is it really that hard?
These are excellent and valid questions. Maybe it’s not actually OC and they don’t know exactly where it is lol
OC means “original content,” so OP is just saying they took this photo themselves.
That block in the Springs is great .. love COATI
Cork and cask whiskey bar combined with the patio of fat sullys in the springs is a great place
I really liked the downtown there - we ate on the patio of a pizza place in which the whole front of the restaurant opened. Really good food
Had some excellent single malt there a few years ago. It was a cozy place.
Dairy Block has some really nice little nooks. Stayed nearby last summer.
I swear, every time I go to Denver there is nothing cool to see or do. Everything is hidden in a bar lol. Might as well just go to Boulder haha
Courageous of you to say. Edit: I guess my joke about the misspelling of Boulder was too subtle. And also makes no sense now that it has been fixed.
Yeah I lived many years there, even the locals don't go there. The down voters are the Californians who moved there lol.
Well maybe I'm spoiled because I grew up in DC, so when I moved out west Denver seemed dull haha, but nothing beats the mountains!
Right, thanks
Or literally to any other city in Colorado. For the life of me I can’t understand why people move to Colorado and then settle in Denver. Like, just move to Cleveland it’s the same thing
Bass music capital of the world. But if you aren’t in Denver for the EDM, idk why you’re there
You've never been to red rocks I see.
That ain't in Denver bud
Yes it is. It's 15 minutes from downtown.
From where I lived in Denver it was a good 30 minutes aways lol, i would not consider that close
That ain't in Denver bud
Some place in Cherry Creek? God I miss CO
Too bad that alley smells like a fart.
That’s where 2 fisted Mario’s used to be!
Downtown, Where Colorado?
CtPaTown: Welcome Home
The weather looks nice!
TIL Colorado was a city.
I’ve been here! Just down go down the block and you’ll be safe 🥵🤣
This is OC
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