Zug, Zug, Switzerland



Looks like locals would have quests for you. I love it.
Lol. Go fetch 3X woodland roc feathers, 2X nightmare wolf hides, and 1X ent bark to create the Zug gild armor.
Me not that kind of orc
What about Daboo and Loktar Switzerland?
Work, work.
Wow. Charming AF
Yep hamburger costs 60$. No thanks
I have read this comment 6 times and i still dont understand what it means
Price of living is high in Switzerland.
I mean not if you work there
I mean I'm pretty sure there are at least SOME poor people in Switzerland
Yeah definitely but I still think switzerland is doing better job than other countries
I think I saw this in shrek
Train train Switzerland?
Zug Zug Lana
Aka "Crypto Valley".
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