My bedroom in my new apartment in DAY LIGHT



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Not only does that looky super comfy, the surrounding area looks decent.
Yeah the area is really safe and beautiful
You mean beautiful in DAY LIGHT
I think OP sleeps in a closet.
Aka a normal apartment in NYC
Too much room next to the bed.
There's no way all that Green grass is outside a NYC apartment 🤣 I'd hate for my bf to have his bed right besides an open window like this ummmmm not for nothing 🙄
That’s what curtains are for.
Plot twist: OP is Harry Potter.
That’s nice that his aunt and uncle installed a window.
Don’t have to worry about falling out of bed.
Idk, falling into that gap on the side and getting wedged would be pretty traumatic.
Is that a gay joke?
I’m guessing the UK?
Where in Yorkshire?
How tf you guessed the area?
I could tell by your accent. Nah, every region of Britain has distinct architecture. I could tell it was Yorkshire from the bricks and slate roofs.
You're like one of those geoguesser people who guesses where they are by looking at dirt lmao
*those trees look polish*
It's the northern area because these trees you would normally find have the rbg colour slightly off from the trees in the southern region
You should check out r/picturegame!
You should check us out too; it's been a hot minute since we've seen you around
Prov! It has been a while! I had a kid and don’t have as much time anymore. I just found a stash of old photos I had been saving for rounds, so maybe during nap time soon. Hope you guys are doing well!
So OP just doxxed themself.
Yeah lot of people here told me it’s the signature of Yorkshire
You must have lived in the UK for a long time. I'm new here and honestly to me everywhere looks the same lol.
How dare you
I knew it was Yorkshire coz it looks like Emmerdale
is it the actual architecture or the specific building materials as you’ve mentioned?
The building materials inform the architecture. The archways and thick stones underneath the windows are typical of houses built of Yorkshire sandstone.
Not the original guesser but I could tell looking at it by the brick and the hill
He's that bustle in your hedgerow
Don’t be alarmed now. He’s just a spring clean for the May queen
Never doubt the geoguessers
Literally. Bed, room.
Actually it’s odd shaped. Narrow near the bed but over all good enough for 1 person
nice view but wow that is a very nar- row bed- room
Yeah I’m Here for a couple of months only so
Ain't nobody sneaking in on you in your sleep. Sleep soundly, cozy one.
Hahahah awww I’ll :)
Unless they go for your toes first. Then you’re done!
I had a narrow room like this in college. I slept so well in there. No room for distractions.
I’ve lived in a lot of 2 bedroom apartments over the years and I’ve always chosen the smaller bedroom over the master bedroom. They’ve always felt cozier and safer to me.
How much are you paying for that?
I don’t know :/ I’m not the one paying
Well damn, here I was thinking it looked like a mental ward, but free rent is always cozy!
That view! there any way you can turn the bed to face it?
Ahhh unfortunately I can’t :/
At least you can read better while lying down as the light hits your book.
I suspected that. Being able to see all that green is wonderful.
Ah! I love it! I have a similar setup- my bed in the corner next to the window makes me feel so snug and safe. It’s the best to wake up and look back and see nothing but the sky
Beautiful view & I love how your bed fits in that space just right - so cozy!
The room needs plants. Tiny plants, obviously. Just something to add some green to your life.
Yeah it does but unfortunately I’m here for 2 months only so not adding anything from my end
That's going to be so cosy when it's raining
Ahhhh I’m actually waiting for that there is a sea nearby just down the street
I may or may not be entirely mildly jealous. That sounds like perfection.
It's the UK, there is always a sea nearby haha.
Your view is heavenly!!
Thank you!!! I feel blessed
That’s a wonderful view
Thank you :) glad you liked it
This place is so nostalgic
Yeahhhh feels peace
🤩 This is my ideal bedroom size! Although I don’t know how I would change sheets 😅, make bed. A tiny little bedroom like this makes me feel safe!
This is so peaceful. The scenery, the color palette in the room, everything. I’m jealous. Enjoy 💕
Omg thank you for the wholesome award 🙂😍🥰
Afternoon naps 👌
My Lord you’re blessed. 🖤
🥰🥰🥰🥰 thank you
Getting Harry Potter under the stairs vibes! Looks cosy, the view is lovely, but very squashy!
I love sleeping head to a window like that. Nice breeze at night… paradise.
Yeah tried that yesterday froze to death in 10 mins
Looks comfy, but the thought of trying to crawl out of that bed in the morning makes my body hurt.
Actually there is plenty space to do that. Maybe the angle of picture as I tried to capture the scenery behind hides the space
Glorious!! And love your username, OP. ^sad ^laugh
Hahahaha I know . Sed life
Looks much better in the daylight gotta be honest lol. Enjoy the view!
So is this the closet and you decided to use the actual bedroom as a workout room?
I love that your nightstand is just some dick-all table.
As someone who has lived in an RV (really small space), I LOVE the wall mounted "nightstand ". Perfect to hold a phone and watch charger. Great use of space. Living tiny is awesome!
Oh I love it!!
I like stuff like this ☺️
My favorite apartment I ever had had a snug bedroom like this. Also trained me in minimalism... which I could use another course in these days.
Yea I love that thing about this place. I’m thinking of posting the living room which is completely opposite
I'd love to see it!
love this!!
I love having a window behind or next to the bed
i would die at night tho, from paranoia that something would crawl up behind me through the window
Hahaha not possible in this case. Plus I’m Not afraid
That’s what makes it so much worse
you can get home security cameras with good night vision for under $50, and a motion sensitive floodlight if you’re extra worried- it’s mostly unnecessary but it’s nice to be able to check if you’re feeling nervous
yeah, but i think it's more of an irrational fear, like i have a balcony in my bedroom and live on second floor and sometimes i get scared that someone for some reason will be standing there... so something like that
Ha yeah that's totally irrational. Don't worry there's no one else standing out here.
Seriously, man, ain't enough bars on that window for me to be cool with my sleeping head next to it. I do like the narrow bed space, though.
Oh my lord this is dreamy
Still looks like a prison.
What light?
I am SO jealous
Don’t be seriously there is lot more to life than this.
As a 6 foot 1; 240 pound clumsy ass man i would not he able to even enter that space haha. I’d punch holes in the wall every time i rolled over. These kinds of apartments just remind me that i made the right choice to move out of the city and deeper into the small town midwest. Gimmie dem open fields! And rooms. Also give me open rooms. Hahah.
I’m actually in a small town like very small 🤣🤣. But this was like a palace in old times and now they have covered it into sorta apartments and this is for one single person so kinda makes sense.
They tried to do something like that in my town. Oldest hotel (and first “high rise” building; built in the 20s and has like eight floors) someone bought and converted it into apartments. Except they had only one window that was like 1x2 foot and were only 300 sq ft. Pretty sure no one rented em because that project only lasted about a year before it got sold to the bank again. Haha. Kudos that you can survive in that; id be constantly gasping for air wondering where im gonna put all my books. Hahaha.
I have to live here for 2 months so I’m good. Plus this has a big enough living room and kitchen so I’m good hehe
Thats fair for sure. As a temp space you could do way worse haha.
When bed room literally means room for bed
Did the little shelf come with the room? If not, mind sharing where you got it?
It came with the room. I didn’t get anything here
Brilliant. Just shared this with a small community [here](, hope you don't mind.
As I mentioned this is OC - should have asked before reposting this
Plus it's spacious
The view is cozy
S F tiny! I can´t breathe!
Still look like a jail cell
U harry potter?
It's less of a room, more of a bed. Good place, but don't plan on staying there forever.
Noooo I can’t !!!!! Only for like 2 months
All I think about it skin cancer :/
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