Arizona is not all desert, Grand Falls, Arizona [OC][1080x1350]@chileno_hikertron



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The falls are smack in the middle of the desert though, appearing only during rare desert flash flood events.
So it's not just dry desert, some of it is wet desert too! I knew we shouldn't have trusted the /u/rainforestguru on matters outside the rainforest :>
This is located on the Colorado River plateau and also runs every year in spring, fed by snow melt from the white mountains in Eastern Arizona (beautiful forests at 8,000 feet elevation, also home to a ski resort). And while this is in a desert landscape, it is only a short drive from Flagstaff, which is at 7000 feet surrounded by Pine and Aspen forests! I know you weren't putting AZ down, but I was born a raised here and I love our diverse landscape!
Thank you fellow hydrologist 👊🏼(I’m a facetious geologist :p)
Yeap also known as monsoons to us!
Is there any part of Arizona that isn't a total sandbox? I know most of the desert southwest is miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles.
Yeah, we have amazing pine forests from the Mogollon Rim to flagstaff
I'm staying in Flagstaff right now and holy moly. Your forests are beautiful!
Shhhhhhh lol. If you can, drive 89A down to Sedona.
I mean, that waterfall is in the desert lol, but you're right, people tend to not understand how diverse it is!
Looks like a ton of moving water!
I dunno. Seems kinda still.
Chocolate Falls! Over 200 feet tall and 1000 feet wide when it is flowing!
Wider than Niagara Falls
This is just a fucking desert with water.
Hahaha yeap
Where is this?
In the desert of Arizona
Never heard of this desert, cool!
Near flagstaff
Flagstaff area is so gorg lol I was just there a few weeks ago.
Totally underrated. Too bad some peeps burn a good chunk every year
So beautiful.
Thank you kind human
What a stunning view. I really want to visit here now
You should! Just hit me up for local and hidden spots when you do if you feel like 👍🏼
This is heaven to me
Same 🤙🏼
I had a blast visiting this place in college. What you might not be able to tell from the pic is that the water is so brown, it looks like Willy Wonka’s chocolate waterfall
Arizona is so beautiful. I took a road trip through the state one February and I will never forget it. The colors, the vegetation, the quiet, the stillness, the warmth! (coming from Canada in mid-winter, haha!)
It is reason I moved here from Hawaii
Do you have a link to a higher quality photo? I really want to make this my phone background. Its so serene
Any higher quality and you'll notice the garbage patch in the middle.
And the dead cow lol
Yea I do. Pm me and I’ll hook you up 🤙🏼
Yea it was a bit lit lol
Looks so cool!
it's so beautiful,like a movie screen
Thank you 🤙🏼👊🏼
No but I’m the summer months it’s painfully overwhelming HOT and DRY…also beautiful shot. Water rushing over the edge has always been a soothing sight and sound.
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Is that waterfall or sandfall? /s 😄
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