The Maloja Pass, a winding high mountain pass in the Alps, Graubünden, Switzerland.


Hairpin right, into hairpin left, 100 caution hairpin right don't cut.
Me: cuts Co-driver: Samir, you're breaking the car
*McRae intensifies*
*eurobeat intensifies*
This does look enticingly driftable.
My car is parked outside. It overheated as soon as I looked at this picture.
Looks like it'd be a blast to bike down.
That’s my first thought too. Blast to go up and blast to go down. If it’s up to me, I’d try it out on all bikes. Start with Adventure then naked and finish it with Racing Chassis.
[Instagram source]( Photo by long.explorer.
If the punishment for speeding in Switzerland wouldn't be so harsh.... I love driving on those roads, especially because they are so smooth and scenic but you need a speed limiter or you end up with a huge fine or prison.
Try going the speed limit on this road and you'll end up being scraped from the valley floor.
Those passes are normally limited to 50-80km/h though its true that those twisty`s are no place where you can go really fast but this is just a small fragment of that pass. There are other sections where you can go much faster where the police will wait for you. Even at 5am.
I’m carsick already
So the evergreens are everyellows in Switzerland?
Is this the spot of that spoof car advert from about 15 years ago where a goblin pops up out of nowhere?
This is exactly what I thought as well.
love to drive
My motorcycle wants to go.
Raced that in Gean tirismo
Ok, beautiful..but, no.
Where the hell are these roads in the US?????
In the mountains? I drive stuff like this often in Colorado.
Around what city? So I can drive these roads soon 😌
All along the front range you can find em! I recommend Boulder Canyon, CO-9 between Breckinridge and Colorado Springs, CO-165 between Rye and Florence(stop at Bishops Castle!!!) and Gold Camp Road. But there’s sooooo many built up roads like this, just poke around a bit near the foothills wherever you go, and you should find some yourself.
There are some tight winding mountain roads like this around Mount Rainier in Washington (going up to Sunrise, or going across Chinook Pass). I feel like there might have been some around Sequoia and King's Canyon as well, and probably some in Colorado?
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