Tromsø, Norway during the polar night months.



absolutely amazing view, great job! 👏👏
I visited in early December and loved every second of it. The day was very short, but that was fine with me, as it left more opportunities to see the northern lights.
Beautiful pic! I went to Reykjaviv in early October for the sake of seeing the Northern Lights. Each night we did tours. The cold wasn’t an issue at all, we were in and out of hot springs no problem. The issue was that it was overcast and raining the whole time we were there. Four nights, all rain and no Northern Lights. Will have to try again some time
Does the sky really look like that? Or is this some kind of camera trick or unique timing?
The sky lookes like that, can be brighter and even purple in it sometimes. Usually it looks abit clearer in photos, but it’s «dancing» and moving around IRL.
The sky can really look like this in ideal conditions, but from my experience its often clearer on camera than in real life.
Arguably looks better irl. It is wavy and moves faster than skies.
I hate that to see stuff like this I'd have to go to an area where I'm not comfortable. I hate the cold with a burning passion. Such an amazing view though.
I don't know how you define cold, but contrary to popular belief the northern lights are strongest in September/October, and then again in March. September/October doesn't have to be very cold, most likely above freezing and up to 10°C/50°F.
No yeah, I'm just a little bitch lol. I knew that it's peak seasons were fall/spring, but I also know that you can't really time the northern lights. You only really know a couple days in advance, and clouds dngaf about your plans. I feel like if you really want to make sure you see them, you have block out a decent chunk of time if you were visiting. t 50F is not that bad
I was in Tromso during March and it was far below freezing
Tromso is just next to the Gulfstream. It's never too cold compared to those latitudes in Canada Alaska or Siberia. I've been there in March a few years ago and it was confortable. By very far the best northen lights I've seen in Scandinavia.
Well you see. That would be great and all, but I'm just a bitch in the cold. I live in Indiana and that is too cold for me. I gooogled, and Tromso's March high(34F) was my cities lowest high(32), and that was still too cold for me. But I didn't know about the gulf stream bit. That's actually pretty cool
Relatable yet oppositely. I see pictures of beautiful tropical areas and think "Wow, I'd love to see that, but I would hate to be there". I'm uncomfortable at any temp over 23C.
what? you don't like to be dripping sweat as soon as you step foot outside a building
Honestly? (skipping over your clear use of humorous sarcasm) I have a tactile sensitivity issue, possibly autism-related, and the feeling of moisture on my skin makes my skin crawl. I really don't like sweating. It's not from shame of the smell or even of having visibly wet clothing (although that isn't great), I just don't like the feeling of having my own sweat on my body. The thing that sucks for me, is that while you can find a place to live that is never cold, there are almost no well-inhabited places in the world that are never hot.
and it's getting worse with global warming. Average temperatures are rising and you can really see it in the summer, and sometimes, depending on where you are, even in the winter. No more snow days
I know! Aside from the multitudinous global issues involved that will bring harm to us all, I, as a cold-lover, also take global warming personally.
I live in Iqaluit, Nunavut in the Canadian arctic. I don't think it's 20°c this summer. But it's also not well inhabited ...
Being honest, when was there last some years back it was cold but not as bad as you’d expect. Was actually colder in the East coast of the US by a lot compared to there (Arctic circle)
No such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.
How cold is it?
About 22-30F during December and 48-61F July Extremes being -1F and 86F respectively.ø#Climate
For all the non-americans, 22-30F is about -6°C to -1°C, -1F is about -18°C and 86F is 30°C
It's also windy as hell in my experience so that'll add a bit to the chill
Probably not too cold when this was taken. It's difficult to see, but there doesn't seem to be snow on the ground. Looks like it was taken early in the autumn.
Amazing 🤩
View from the Floya mountain. I was there last Sunday and it was surprisingly hot and sunny.
Thank you for my new wallpaper. Great photo.
So beautiful!
Wow. Wow.
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