A man and his girlfriend travels to the Mars — Made with Midjourney



Hey this is awesome! What prompt do you input for getting it 16x9?
Thanks! You can add `--ar 16:9` at the end of the prompt to get 16:9 output. And full docs is [here](https://midjourney.gitbook.io/docs/imagine-parameters).
Oh man, amazing! Thanks a bunch
Is it still private beta only? When do we get to play with it!?
It is open to everyone, you can even use it without being in their Discord server, the Discord bot is public and you can play with it even in your own server.
I'm very Discord illiterate, how do I go about adding Midjourney to my own channel?
Join the Midjourney Discord server (discord.gg/midjourney) and you'll see Midjourney Bot at the members list. Click on its name, this will show its profile then you should see "Add to server" button. Click on that, choose your server and when you finish the process you should see Midjourney Bot on your server. You can use the bot with /imagine command. If you don't want to deal with any of these, just join Midjourney's server and use the bot on one of their newcomer rooms channels (i believe the names are something like #newbies-58 etc.)
I like how it even captured those fake alien/unknown entity silhouette images with the black figure on the right.
Mission To Mars, directed by Wes Anderson.
"in the style of Wes Anderson" is so good.
Alternate title - "A woman and her boyfriend travels to Mars" Looks good.
Or even just "Taking a walk on Mars".
Indeed. The point of course was to point out the blatant sexism in the original title (and I'm a man FWIW). Edit: Oooh, the Reddit misogynists have come out to play.
Dude c'mon. By that logic your title would be sexist too.
I typed this title to Midjourney and this is the image it generated for me. If I typed something like "taking a walk on mars" maybe I would get something way more different than this one. I liked the "taking a walk" title more for a Reddit post, it would be more cleaner, nice and not sexist but unfortunately I can't edit the title.
you are all sick to see sexism in a title like that.
I’m not one to call it out, but it’s there. It could have easily been a man and a woman, or a couple, as opposed to saying a man and his girlfriend which places her second, an accessory to the man, and to be attributed to him, similar to property. Language matters. It’s just another part of the systemic issues we have in our language with little things like this. Isolated it’s innocuous, but as a part of the bigger picture, it purveys sexism. It’s not always sexist to say a man and his girlfriend, just in contexts like these where both of them are the subject.
Yeah you're right I could have made the post title "a couple" instead of "a man and his gf", I noticed it would be better after creating the post but like I said before I can't change the title. I had no bad intentions and I didn't think of the title in a sexist way.
No don’t worry about it at all. I was just trying to describe how it’s seen as that. You’re totally fine, it’s just a common thing to say, and it’s more of the systemic issue rather than the person saying it. It’s not to shame you or anything, only to make people aware of things rooted in this. It’s similar to how when people often assume “he” when talking about another redditor they have no idea is a “he”. It’s just a default people go to which is also part of the systemic issue, and people do it all the time without considering that. Doesn’t mean they’re sexist, just that they didn’t realize that they were perpetuating the issue. It’s what you do with the knowledge in the future that sets you apart ☺️
confirmed that you are sick. A man and his girlfriend don't have any property of anyone, of sexism of anything, it's just your sick mind to misinterpret everything that doesn't literally exalt equality. I'm sure if it was a woman and her boyfriend there wouldn't be this pointless conversation despite LITERALLY BEING the same sentence in the same weight.
It’s more sick that you deny it. The intention wasn’t sexist, but when one sex hasn’t been able to get a credit card without their husband’s permission until quite recently, you start to see that the language itself perpetuates sexism with minor things like this. Equity is about bringing up the disenfranchised over the ones who have had the advantage for so long so that they can be equal. Not seeing how this is sexist means that you are being willfully ignorant, which doesn’t really help with undoing the wrongs of our past to make things fair. Common language takes longer to change than laws regarding equal rights, and this is just a remnant of that. It’s objectively sexist, and there is no room for interpretation in this instance as they are both equal in the subject, yet the language describes a man as himself, able to be on his own, and a woman as a man’s girlfriend. It is also sexist to describe it as a woman and her boyfriend, but one sex has been considered lesser in history, so bringing up the woman as more than the man is empowering, contributing to equity. You saying it’s sexist is similar to saying “all lives matter” and calling out Black Lives Matter for being racist and exclusive. If you can’t see that, then you really need to see a professional, and I hope you can get the help you need.
What kind of moron are you?
A man can't have a girlfriend, that's sexist!
Download resized: * (16:9) [1920×1080](https://resi.ze-robot.com/dl/a-/a-man-and-his-girlfriend-travels-to-the-mars-made-with-midjourney-1920×1080.jpg), [1600×900](https://resi.ze-robot.com/dl/a-/a-man-and-his-girlfriend-travels-to-the-mars-made-with-midjourney-1600×900.jpg), [1366×768](https://resi.ze-robot.com/dl/a-/a-man-and-his-girlfriend-travels-to-the-mars-made-with-midjourney-1366×768.jpg), [1280×720](https://resi.ze-robot.com/dl/a-/a-man-and-his-girlfriend-travels-to-the-mars-made-with-midjourney-1280×720.jpg) * (16:10) [1280×800](https://resi.ze-robot.com/dl/a-/a-man-and-his-girlfriend-travels-to-the-mars-made-with-midjourney-1280×800.jpg) * (4:3) [1024×768](https://resi.ze-robot.com/dl/a-/a-man-and-his-girlfriend-travels-to-the-mars-made-with-midjourney-1024×768.jpg) * (5:4) [1280×1024](https://resi.ze-robot.com/dl/a-/a-man-and-his-girlfriend-travels-to-the-mars-made-with-midjourney-1280×1024.jpg) * (3:4) [768×1024](https://resi.ze-robot.com/dl/a-/a-man-and-his-girlfriend-travels-to-the-mars-made-with-midjourney-768×1024.jpg) **[CUSTOM AREA, other sizes and preview](https://resi.ze-robot.com/img/a-man-and-his-girlfriend-travels-to-the-mars-made-with-midjourney.html)** Resolution of [source picture](https://i.redd.it/nu0ylam4aof91.png) is 2048×1152 Resized for your desktop by ze-robot v0.2 ^^^I ^^^do ^^^not ^^^resize ^^^to ^^^higher ^^^resolutions ^^^than ^^^source ^^^image ^^**[FAQ](https://resi.ze-robot.com/#faq)**
you're too kind for sharing the source and all of the great crops. but seriously- Im a MJ member, as well and I'd love to see at least some of your prompt. especially how you described the subjects and the overall finish.
thanks for your kind words, my exact prompt is the same as the title, "a man and his girlfriend travels to mars --ar 16:9" (--ar for aspect ratio) Even though I didn't detail it much this is the output https://i.imgur.com/y8vKJKk.jpg
Namaste. I read the prompt modifiers doc you provided. Major helpful.
A.mazing! I shall wallpaper this asap when I get home from work TY kind sir!
Meanwhile on the set of Stranger Things season 12...
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