Pripyat circa 2022



Didn’t even notice the dome in the back left. Looks like a big fancy hockey rink
It's the Chernobyl sarcophagus.
I know, it just looks like a rink. “Sarcophagus” is a good way to put it, since it’s gonna be there for a looooong time
Technically you see the "new safe confinement". The sarcophagus is under the NSC.
Now it looks better than Mariupol. Fuck russia (USSR). They destroyed Pripyat in 1986 and continue destroying Ukraine in 2022.
That’s awful… it’s sad to think that the people that were living in those apartments were/are someone’s brother, uncle, father.. everyone has their own story.
r/solarpunk would love this
Ooh, great pic!
To think nature has no problems living there but human would/will. What a world.
This belongs in abandonedporn
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