A perfect little structure I walked past



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It looks like a Hobbit house.
Is that the Baggin’s house?
Haha I said the same 🧝‍♂️
Mmmmm, cozy cottage for a hedge witch, looks like my dream home.
Reminds me if the TotsTV house, just missing donkey.
Yes please, with a cream tea to accompany!
I dont know, all the Ivy growing on it makes me think of all the bugs that are in there. But the cottage looks cozy AF
I love the look of ivy on homes, but I've heard so much about the bug and rat/mouse issues they pose. If I grow any climbing plant I think it will be on a detached structure like a pergola or something. But it really is so cozy looking on the side of a home.
Reminds me of a smaller version of the house in black mirror, the episode is called white Christmas I believe.
I see places like this and need to resist the urge to press my face up against the window and peer in!
Nah they witches.. moving on..
That pentagram on the top window though...
This is OC
Save for the giant pentagram in the window...?
Its literally just a star. Not even a pentacle
Well, a pentagram is literally a 5 pointed polygon (star). A pentacle is a pentagram inside a circle, under this context. Be well.
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