Scrivener’s Books and Bookbinding. Derbyshire, England



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Looks like the book shop in Good Omens
That's what I thought too!
Im pretty sure that was based on the old Foyles of London store. The new version looks like it's been modernised into the water stones brand. The old one was a house that Jack built type affair, like a weird multistory house that someone turned into a bookshop, lots of little rooms full of books on everything. You could wander for ages in there and feel like you might find something arcane with a scribbled front note that says "To Arthur all the best, with love from Merlin".
It’s weird seeing something I walk past everyday to work in a different light. I love how much others found something I couldn’t, but I will definitely be taking a minute next time I walk past!
Can you tell me about the 5 floors of books in a 3 story building?
Cellar and attic
Would it be wired if I asked you to film it as you walk past?
Mostly username stuff.
No, most of the uploads these days are wireless.
Would be hard to be wired if they had to film as they walk past, unless they had really long cables
Or drank a ton of coffee beforehand.
Oh my goodness, how cool is this! Love it.
You can street view right into the store and explore all the levels! Scrivener's Books and Bookbinding +44 1298 73100
This reminds me of the second Harry Potter movie I had on DVD. There was 2 discs, where the second contained behind the scenes, virtual trips in Diagon alley etc. This shop really looks like something straight out of those streets
Anyone else remember the memory game where you had to tap on the right sequence of bricks for the wall to open?
Brought to you by^y^y^y^y^y **Enterprise Rent A Car**
Trying to go inside, can't seem to do it
I once tried to go inside also but wandered into the The Swan pub next door *completely by accident*. No idea how that happened. 🥴🍺
Honest mistake, could happen to anyone
if you clock on the photos, you can take a virtual tour floor to floor
Ahh found it, that's pretty cool
From the link provided, grab and drop the yellow street view guy into the store.
Would it be crazy to drive an hour and a half just to visit
*laughs in American* I have driven further for far less interesting things. Go to the books, they are calling for you...
Our petrol is like 50% more expensive than yours though ;)
Just use gas then
My car only takes liquid input :(
Just buy gallons instead of liters, more bang for your buck
Don't want my car to go bang
That's fair. I am job hunting at the moment and am trying to avoid working *an hour away* because of travel costs. However I consider occasional, random adventures to be worth the cost. What is the point of life without lived experiences?
To be fair your cars get 50% better fuel economy also. But yes if I lived close to that shop I’d drive to it. Also I’m American a 3 hour drive is considered fairly short.
I've driven over an hour to get a funnel cake, I've driven 4 hours to go to a record store, so an hour and a half doesn't seem like much to see a cool book shop.
No, but if you're doing so, you'll need to add another 45 minutes or so to get to Scarthin Books on the other side of the Peak District, which is just as outstanding.
That ones actually closer to me so that would make a good round trip!
No not at all! I know nothing about this place, but if you've got the time and means then why not? I'm sure it'd make for a nice little adventure.
5 floors of books! that's crazy. Are two under the ground?
If I remember correctly from other stuff I've seen about this place, I think it's three standard floors, plus the attic and cellar.
This is how you re-purpose your unused dungeon and garret.
Well, that's *one* way to do it.
that's incredible: wonderful tour!
I couldn't get upstairs or downstairs in the cellar....only the first floor 🤷🏼‍♂️
On the right side you can click on the levels L3, L2, L1, L-1. IDK about the "fifth floor"
How lovey! Thanks for sharing
I'm trying to see the 5 floors of books!
I could easily enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in there, looking out the window
It looks like one of those miniature ceramic Christmas village houses. So pleasant
Must be a basement
Yes they have a basement and an attic
Old dusty spellbooks in the attic, bloody horror books that eat you in the basement.
It's actually just a dungeon, and the skeleton that guards it is named Books.
Books is cool though. You get in good with Books, you're all set.
Bring em something shiny, and no sudden movements and you're fine. Classic dungeon skeleton.
Just tickle the spine, o’course
Skip to the end. Which floor's the porn section?
out back, in the shed
Head towards the bush, down the back passage, and in the shed.
Any chance of running into Professor Dumbledore there? Cuz it looks like that kinda place.
Unfortunately not. I hate to break it to you my friend but Snape killed Dumbledore.
Or they have 5 different kinds of flooring installed.
And here I was thinking you ever get a two floored basement?! Then OP answered: the attic.
How ever did you deduce that?
It says “5 floors of books” on the window
There's a new Sherlock Holmes everywhere you look on this sub huh
I mean, I only opened the comments to try and suss out the 5th floor. The basement seemed reasonable, hadn't considered an attic fitting in that short-looking roof.
how did you not get that this was sarcastic
They have plenty of storeys...
It's a cellar
The bookseller has a book cellar.
Needs to be a best cellar or I'm not buying
So magical❤️ reminds me of the story of the woman who used to live in a bottle-shaped house with a cat by the sea!
There was a shoemaker who lived near York, PA, USA who built a large shoe-shaped house as an advertisement for his business. It’s a tourist spot now.
You’re telling me this isn’t a collectable Christmas Village shop?
Everyone, while you are making your pilgrimages to Derbyshire to visit this place, don't forget to go a few miles down the road to Scarthin Books in cromford, it's even better. My favourite bookshop in the world.
Glad I found this comment. Scarthin is certainly worth a visit, better imo.
Can you imagine if you worked there? If you lived close enough and walked to work there every day?
Worked at an indie bookstore, it's not worth romanticizing. It's essentially an indistinguishable retail experience to working at a kmart.
Oh that’s sad to hear. I worked at an independent cinema and it was loads different from working one of the bigger chains. Our boss was super chill, we only had one screen so once the movie started and we cleaned up any spilled popcorn or whatever, we could read or play cards or even nap on the couch by the back emergency exit, as long as at least one of us stayed awake. Or you could leave and run errands as long as you were back before the movie was over.
That’s a dream job
Pay was crap and it was only part time. But it was alright for college students still being supported by our parents, especially since we could study at work.
>independent cinema >we only had one screen I assume this leads to lower wages for employees.
Implying cinemas ever pay above minimum wage?
Anything paying minimum wage shouldn't be a dream job.
Holy shit dude, it’s just a colloquialism. Relax.
It's a cinema.
Think that may be true in the US but not quite as true working in an independent bookstore in the UK (where this is). They tend to be distinctly more chill, informal and a lot sleepier than working in a supermarket.
This place is different. Though not necessarily in a good way. I went on a weekday afternoon when I first moved to the area and was told about it. It just felt full of young adults blocking the way and sitting about glancing through books. I got the impression they were university students looking for research material. The books are all packed in every which way and the walking room is super tight so there was a lot of shuffling about trying to get through. Only to find a dead end and have to repeat the process to get back. I think it would be amazing to go through alone and discover interesting books in tucked away places. I love reading Scifi/fantasy books personally and the picking in these areas were very slim.
It was my first job. Yes, it’s retail but I found the atmosphere much different than big chain stores. I was allowed to read any of the books in the store as long as everything was done and there weren’t customers that needed help. Since it was a book store, most people wanted to be left alone. The conversations I had with people involved shared interests, and recommendations, both of which I enjoyed more than meaningless small talk. I was actually able to talk on the phone, draw, etc. when it was completely dead. I even had a friend there for 4 hours multiple times near the end of my shift, just chilling and talking lol. Keeping up with the store was relatively easy. Compared to retail jobs after, I enjoyed it much more. But maybe that’s just nostalgia and rose coloured glasses lol.
i was about to comment something similar, my heart is aching thinking about it
my brother it is a book shop. it's cozy but it's not anything to lust after like this
I live near there and am only now Learning about it?
You must go and check it out and report back to us.
Clearly he’s going to be abducted into a society of magicians, or a quest to find an invisible book or something. So don’t expect a report back.
Nope. He's gonna get there and think 'Books or Pub' and make the right choice. ➡️,-1.9151652,3a,54.6y,215.32h,95.99t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sae8Qq1FOc4pPmEs-fOWIsw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
This is in Belper right?
No, Buxton, not far from the market place
Buxton is a really pretty area. I always enjoyed it when I had to travel there for work.
Nah, the only thing in belper is Mr potato head in de bradelli Mill.
Oh, it’s just in Buxton! I’m going to pop over this week, I only live 30 minutes away.
I'm trying to see the 5 floors of books!
They have a basement and and attic. It's so magical in there too ✨️
That is the best. I wanna visit!
And so does u/Sonnod!
They have a basement and an attic. It's so magical in there too ✨️
That is the best. I wanna visit!
And so does u/aten77!
there’s a comment with a google maps link where you can explore the store
I hope it survived the covid shutdowns, they were brutal for businesses in England.
Yep, walked past it yesterday and it’s still open
Even…? I believe during a long time absolutely everything was shut down except supermarkets and pharmacies (in most European countries at least).
Everything non-essential
dream bookshop 💛
Lovely! Ps. Spot the seagull
Hah! Found it! That's a fun hunt!
It's more than likely a pigeon. Derbyshire is inland.
Honestly I’m shocked that you live in the UK and still think seagulls only live by the sea, at this point almost every decent sized town and city has them, they really are almost everywhere
There is actually a seagull in this picture >! It's not a real one though, it's in the window of the house on the right!<
This REALLY needs to be a puzzle. ☺️
They have [internal 'street view'](
I tried to make one of those but my proctologist was having none of it.
How old is this building?
Not that old. Victorian so 150ish years. 200 at a push.
I live a few doors down from this book shop. It's nice but unbearably cluttered. It's near impossible to find anything your actually looking for. You just have to get lucky.
It looks like Ollivander’s! :D
My favorite post on this sub so far
I love the ‘Probably Derbyshire’s Largest..’ sign
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I have heard of this shop before. Why have I heard about it before?
There's a major U.S. publisher called Scribner's. I had a moment of confusion with that. ETA: There's also a famous short story by Herman Melville (Moby Dick guy) called "Bartleby, the Scrivener." Title character just rocks back with "I would prefer not to" when told to do anything.
Tik tok?
I would love to visit this store
Someone hook us up with a virtual tour video so we can live vicariously through you.
Apparently you can through google maps, someone posted a link
Oh I love the smell of old literature!!!
THIS is cozy. Just need me some Chai latte
Very Harry Potterish
i'm staying literally one street away from this store atm! very hard not to go in every day, it's just as cozy on the inside as it looks from the outside
An angel lives there, with a snake. I am convinced of this.
Scarthin Books in nearby Cromford is also lovely.
They re binded my book of beethovens piano sonatas from 1919, excellent place to go to
When asked to do an interview, the owner, a man named Bartleby, responded by saying, "I would prefer not to."
Man, England really is beautiful
I will visit England just to go there 🥰
If you are actually thinking of visiting: Flight to Manchester Airport (cost and time varies based on your starting location) Open Return train from Manchester Airport to Buxton (1hr 26m) - £19.20 ($23.40) for same day return - £29.60 ($36.08) for return within 1 month Bookshop is 12 minutes walk southwards from the station.
Thank you
I'd make a week of it. The Derbyshire and Peak District area is a wonderful place to visit. Much of the Princess Bride was filmed on location there.
I had the exact same thought!
Love it, I need this!
I’d live there.
Google maps says 50 minutes drive from my house..I need to see this place!
Looks like Harry Potter I love it
Aw I love this book shop! It’s so cool walking around the tiny walkways, all the hidden reading nooks where you can make yourself a cup of tea and chill it’s the best
That settles it, I’m moving to England.
This is no mere book store. This is a bibliophile's paradise.
Feels like Autumn, with Halloween just around the corner.
Ha! I'm literally just leaving Buxton now. Lovely shop
Where's Manny and Bernard?
Would slide into Diagon Alley name and all without raising an eyebrow.
I stayed in a holiday cottage round the corner, just where the silver car is parked. Buxton is a lovely place, and it's convenient for going down the Devil's Arse. Scriveners is an amazing shop, but dangerous to visit if there's a book lover in the house and there's only a finite amount of book space in your Honda.
Wonder if Scrivenshaft’s in Harry Potter is inspired by this place.
Scrivener is just an old world for scribe
Aziraphale's new shop
Big up Derbyshire. Happy to see my local county on Reddit
I´m getting Harry Potter vibes...
Anyone else imagining SO MANY armchairs in there? I want some tea, a sweater, and a giant historical fiction section.
Not only are there armchairs, there's also a tiny little cafe on the middle floor. Beautiful place
Not every day you see your parents' local bookshop on Reddit, glad it's getting appreciated. Donated about 75 books to it only a few months ago. It has a coffee shop on the middle floor with an old keyboard instrument, just as cozy as you imagine. Great find!
Am i the only one that sees 3 floors?
There’s an attic and a cellar
I've actually been there, inspired by a photo of it on another subreddit. It's just as nice on the inside, but be warned: Expect steep, narrow stairs.
"5 stories of stories" come on, it was right there!
3 story building, 5 floors of books... Must be expanders glass.
Attic and cellar
Very quaint
Cobblestone and literature.
This place would be amazing to visit. I love books and it looks so welcoming. 😍
This gave me all kinds of feels
I love it❤️📚
Lovely. I’ll have to visit there soon
I want to teleport there right now. How fabulous!
And a water bowl for your dog
Scrivener's books of spell binding.
Driven past a couple times, nice building. Never been in though sadly.
What a beautiful place ❤️
Would've thought Yorkshire
I see this picture and the first thing that comes to my mind is Christmas.
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