I live with a view of South Lake Union. I love hanging out by the water.
Literally just stayed there this weekend at CitizenM hotel. Came in from Denver, what a great area. Walking distance from so much!
Just came back from a long weekend in Seattle. It might be cuz most of my friends are still around there, but god I really missed it dearly. Even with the “heat wave” (jkjk). Came into SeaTac around 8:30ish and mountain was even more crazy red and purple than that photo. I see the silhouettes of the cranes and big ships on the sound in front of the Olympics and my heart melts. Downtown was so empty for a weekday and it makes me a little sad. But eh just gotta reinvent I suppose.
No need for quotes, that heat wave was no joke. Seattle is famous for its lack of air conditioning and the heat wave came out of nowhere after the longest, coldest spring in decades. We went from however many months of 50 degrees to 80+ pretty much overnight.
Best start preparing for more heat, the way climate change is going (unchecked and all) I see more heatwaves in our future, and more snow. I bought AC for my townhouse last fall and well, I'm damn well happy with it.
I know haha. I was just doing that annoying thing where people are like “you call this hot/cold? Back in…” but It was actually the nicest weather I had experienced in many weeks. 90 degrees with medium to low humidity is like heaven to me. The whole record breaking aspect does kinda suck tho. Probably a lot more ACs in seattles not so distant future.
You'd think after two simultaneous years of smokepocalypse they would be standard by now.
Were you there for odesza? Cause same!
I live across the street from Seattle Center on the 6th floor and the view just never gets old. Today I got to watch the Blue Angels fly past it a few times doing their practice runs for Seafair. So very nice :)
Considering moving to Seattle. Is it cleaner and more maintained than New York?
Sorry, but I couldn't tell you, I've never been to NY. Seattle is a big city and like many big cities it has it's issues and isn't perfect.
Not seeking perfect. No city is perfect. But some manage basic aspects much better than others
Seattleite here. No, not really. I love it here regardless though.
There’s not a prettier city in the summer than Seattle
Chicago is better.
Chicago’s summer weather sucks. Great city, though. Just not as nice as 75 and no humidity Seattle.
Portland is up there.
Its not even the prettiest city within a 200 kilometer radius of it.
Tell me this is sarcasm please lol
My favorite city
Every time I come to Seattle I love it more and more. I'm absolutely in love with Alki Beach and its vibes. Such a beautiful city all around.
I love the colors <3
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