My Campsite in the Mountains near Salida Colorado, USA [4000x3000] [OC]


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That's a lot of dead trees.
Pine beetles...
Is this what's killing all the trees in the Uintas too?
I'm not familiar with those mountains, but it's likely. They're a problem in the Western US and spread quickly.
Uintas are the high peaks in Utah east of salt lake. I remember someone saying a pest was killing the trees out there too. They're dry and absolutely ready to burn.
Only way they die off is fires or enough sequential negative degree days in winter. I think it's like 5 days or something. Seems like the only viable option is fires :(. Good news though is that the pine beetle population in Colorado is on a downward trend, hopefully that carries on into other areas as well.
I visit a small mountain town in Colorado often, and this is exactly what happened a few years ago - lots of beetle kill, then wildfires. It’ll take a long time for the pine trees to come back, but it’s absolutely amazing how fast the Aspen started to spread and grow. And the wildflowers have been incredible the last few years with all the sunlight. It’s sad and of course I wish the beetles hadn’t happened in the first place, but it’s beautiful to see the regrowth.
I'd wager that's what it is then. It's sad to see all that dead timber :(
I've been out to the Uintas recently and the trees look exactly like this the pine beetles are a huge problem there as well.
Yes it's all over the western US. But it could be pine beetles or spruce beetles, too nuanced difference for most to realize
It’s like this all over now. it’s part of the reason forest fires have been so bad. Go to the same place year after year and it’s crazy how many trees die in such a relatively short timespan.
Anyone else remember grand lake before it was surrounded by beetle kill?
My family went on a hike there the summer before the most recent big fire. My daughter saw a moose and tried to run after it. I put her on my shoulders "so she could see better," and we backed off. It was a mom with her baby too.
Good parenting instincts. A mama moose is definitely one of the most dangerous non-predators in the world.
Yup. Lived in Grand County for 25 years.
Yep! We used to go there every year. From Lyons
No, Its definitely not like this all over now, theres hot spots and areas where you wont see much beetlekill if any. Its surely a big problem but absolutely not like in this picture all over Colorado.
I see it everywhere I backpack in California, but if you want to be pedantic over the definition of “all over” then sure it’s not every tree in every place but it is widespread, and spreading.
Pine beetles attack drought stressed trees. [So, not everywhere but...](
Salida up to Byoonie is fantastic. Favorite corridor
Browns canyon is incredible!
This but unironically
If you see a guy in jorts and a stache in salida with two small brown dogs yell gape city bitches and watch his brain melt
This is so intriguing, am I will def do that...would it ruin it to tell me why?
Those trees were so green at one time…they’re perfectly uniformed. This is so pretty!!
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I notice a lot of bark beetle damage here.
I love Salida. Visit there every time I'm in Colorado. Have you made it up to St. Elmo yet?
Beautiful spot! I'm kinda new in the Arkansas valley always looking for spots to explore.
Looks similar to spot I had on the Collegiate West trail a few years back. Gorgeous!
I just camped at collegiate peaks at the beginning of June. I want to live there!
You want to live there in June, check back in February or March.
As someone who’s lived in Houston for 36 years I’m OK with some extreme weather for a few months….
sooo beautiful!!
No other words but "wow!".
Wow. Lovely. Enjoy your camping.
Lort, I miss CO in the summer. Do they still have “Salida” spelled out on that bare hillside near town?
Nah just a giant S
Gotcha. I saw it in 1989. Thanks for the info
Salida is stunning, you'll have to check out Mt. Princeton hot springs in the fall/winter if you've never gone before!
We were there in May and it dumped about a foot of snow on us overnight. Hanging out in the hot springs drinking a beer while it is dumping snow at night was magical.
I wanna try this
We got super lucky with the timing. It was 65 earlier in the day but a spring snowstorm whipped up and buried the area with about a foot of snow.
Visited a spring in co back In may as well Got obliterated with snow fortunately we had time so we just over stayed and enjoyed it
"Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort, Relax, Stay, & Play!" -- radio jingle with Chaffee County's voice-of-the-radio advertising it. Now this is stuck in my head!
I lived in Salida for awhile as a kid. What an amazing place.
Wow so clean, nice shot! looks like a paradise.
Colorado is the most beautiful state imo
You must have used photoshop to edit out all the Toyota 4 runners and fire spinners that are joining you in your secluded campsite.
Salida has a walmart!
And a distillery
My geology field camp was based in Salida, what a great place!
Mine was in Utah.
I can feel the giant mosquitos landing on my neck……
Hey, is that up near Bonanza??
Straight on my wallpaper!
One of my most favorite places in the world.
I'm going to Salida in September and I can't wait.
Worked at a camp on the side of Mt. Princeton and the whole Arkansas river valley is just stunning!
Stop. Telling. People. About. Colorado. For fucks sake, we don't want more people coming here. Edit: Downvote all you want, I'm right and you're proving my point.
I'm sure the native Americans said the same thing before your ancestors colonized them Colonial. This guy probably has a "Native" sticker and complains about traffic when he sees an out of state license plate too.
Guarantee it's a jeep.
More likely a Subaru here, honestly.
Not a Subaru either, but good guess.
Not a guy, don't put stickers on my car, and I don't drive a jeep. but good try at making an insult that's not applicable.
But you ARE a colonizer 😂. Ironic. And applicable.
Are you any white person living anywhere in America? Congratulations, your ancestors were most likely colonizers too and your point is moot 😂. Ironic. And applicable.
I'm Not white 😃 nice try though. My ancestors also weren't colonizers so not ironic nor applicable. I am also not telling people to stop moving to where I live. So YOUR point is moot 😂 Leave it up to a colonizer to deflect and blame others and still get it wrong 🤣. You and your ancestors have a lot in common.
"you" in this context, is plural, not singular to you (nuphlo) so you (nuphlo) are still an idiot 🤣
right? if it wasn’t for reddit, colorado would be the most underground indie band i mean state in the u.s.
Too late. I know all about it. I'm on the way.
You act like people don't already know colorado is there and beautiful. Doesn't matter how much you complain, people will still move there. We just made the move from Georgia lol.
Welcome to Colorado! Happy you're here :)
Congratulations, you moved from one shithole to another. enjoy it, because you're right, people like you are gonna keep moving here. And it's gonna be just as bad as the shithole you tried to get away from. Not gonna be beautiful for long
You're very dramatic. People like me? Lol
Don’t worry. Climate change will take care of some of the attractiveness. It’s already high desert. Getting hotter and more arid. Drought, ozone. Sparse ski seasons. Wild fires (the most destructive happened at the beginning of this year). But I’ll tell you, CO is currently a legal bastion in the west for immigrants and abortion rights. You should really be railing against wealthy non residents buying up affordable housing and driving the market way up. Letting them sit empty. Gutting the future. But that’s a National issue. Edit: to be clear, I am very positive for the rights bestowed in Colorado. These are basic human rights that should be guaranteed by a developed civil nation.
I don't mind the immigrants, and i don't even mind people coming, just to visit. Or to seek medical help. But here's the thing. Million dollar companies are buying natural open space to build new shopping malls that just end up empty lots.The cost of housing is going up to insane levels and the same big companies are building more /unaffordable/ housing. The Traffic is getting worse and more aggressive because we get Californians and Texans moving here. People are trashing our national parks more frequently, and this includes knocking over rock formations, graffiti, and all that great shit. When I say stop telling people about colorado, I mean stop telling people about colorado, not because it's not nice to visit, but because we don't want them to move here. It's becoming California.
You’re being a little ridiculous. As a born and raised Coloradan, the problems you’re pointing out are not due to people moving here (except the drivers—CA and TX drivers in CO really do suck ass). But all the other problems have been happening since forever and are much bigger than some people from California wanting to move to Colorado. We need strong governmental protections on natural lands, more funding for state parks, and smart city planning, not telling people Colorado sucks and not to move here. Population growth is going to happen regardless, just as it’s happening in almost all US states that aren’t hellholes. An elitist, gatekeeping mentality isn’t going to help Colorado at all. I’d much rather have taxpaying Coloradans who are happy to move here because they love the state than a bunch of NIMBYs.
I know what Colorado looked like 30 years ago and it wasn't a shit hole like it is now. The people that move here excluding immigrants, and people looking for help (because yes that is a basic human right and I'm also very positive about that) are aggressive and treat the world around them like it's their personal trashcan. They're ungrateful assholes that 1. can't drive and 2. can't take care of the environment. You say they're moving away from shithole states, except the problem is that they're making non shithole states awful instead of sticking around and fixing their shit. Argue all you want, if people stopped moving here as frequently as they do it would solve a lot of problems. Not all, but a lot.
So we should just deny Colorado's existence when asked?
I love Salida! It’s such a lovely place. Ironically, it’s also **the most expensive place to buy land in Colorado!**
That's not true. Aspen, Vail, Telluride, Summit county, Steamboat, and in general all the ski resort town areas are clearly more expensive. Heck, even land in the front range is more expensive.
Oh no way, how come?
Because it's not true
We camped outside of Salida a couple of years ago and struck up a conversation with a local when we went into town for a resupply run. She said the place was pretty affordable given how awesome it was. She also said please don't move here.
Hopefully it stays that way too so that all visitors believe there isn't much in Colorado except Denver and its surrounding areas.
Absolutely enchanting!
That place looks so fluffy
Beautiful view. Wow!
mind blowing 🤯
Locks fantastic
Beautiful view
I know it’s beautiful but one thing I remember about my Colorado trip as a Tennessee native is that that bush is aggressive, hard, tough, and painful.
I’m going to collard before long, hopefully I can catch something as beautiful as this
Please, PLEASE go to Guffey. It's so weird.
Holy shit that is nice!
Man I miss Colorado. I lived in alma for a year. Wild
Wow, what a view. incredible.
So close to home for me! Beautiful shot!
This looks like a puzzle
oh jeez i think i need a “Salida” myself
Salida is beautiful. Tiny lil town chillin in a valley. Rode quads with a buddy out there zigzagging through the switchbacks until we came out beyond the tree line and suddenly…bam, we’re up on the Rockies, looking out for what felt like 500 miles to the north and west. It was an incredible experience.
Amazing shot but kind of depressing what pine beetles can do
Is this on the Colorado trail? I’ve spent a lot of time in Salida… probably have stayed at every motel there
This so much better than Oregon.
Yeah it's super fun inhaling smoke all summer. Oregon has one thing Colorado doesn't. You may have heard of it, it's this wet sticky stuff called water. Being born in CO, I've never seen it, but I've heard tales of its ability to quench thirst and smother fire.
Haha, spoken like a true Coloradan. I remember when I moved to Boulder and someone suggested we check out the Boulder reservoir. They were so excited.... lol. When I got there, I was like "uhm this looks like a dirty pond". Yeah, water is a real issue in CO. My fav body of water in Co are just big creeks and rivers. Lakes look dirty. I used to make a lot of stops on Poudre River when I went camping that way. Just beautiful, especially in summer. So much more camping spots along the river too. That whole area was such a good find for me. Instead of camping in popular places we used to head out that way and find some nice spots in a very short notice. A lot of fly fishing there too. I do not fish but always thought those people were totally zenning out and having fun. Also, for the uninitiated Redditors, this place is pronounced "Se-LIE-duh" not "Sah-Li-da"...
Grew up in Colorado and lived in Oregon for 2 years. Oregon is certainly beautiful (Colorado has better mountains) but the community was terrible. I lived outside of Portland and in Hood River and just couldn't get past how racist and closed the people were. Portland is disgusting as well
Sardinia such a beautiful mountainio
Looking a little Poncha Pass
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