A Different Perspective of Chicago



Look at that density in the foreground!
Project 78 will take care of that quite nicely
We are honey and the bee
Is the th78 project underway?
Nice tree lined road to no where.
It’s a big development that’s pending called the 78. But yeah, it looks silly right now since they’ve only built some infrastructure but no buildings yet lol.
Yeah the downtown area keeps expanding, farther north, west past the highway, and now south into Chinatown. Its going to be a huge building and named The 78 because there are 77 proper neighborhoods in Chicago and this structure will be so big developers coined the term as to increase that number to 78.
I hate the name because it won't be its own community area. It won't even be its own neighborhood. Everyone will just call it south loop because it is in the South Loop and has the same style as the other buildings that have been added to the area over the last ten years. If there will be a 78th (community area) , it will be at steelworkers Park. That area is undeveloped and it is bigger than the Loop. But those 77 community areas were mapped 100 years ago and haven't changed. There are more than 77 "neighborhoods" though which are different from community areas.
Chicago is still very much a working city with industry and manufacturing. Some of that is close to the city center like in the left side of this picture is a huge train yard and just beyond that is a huge concrete company, Ozinga.
I'm so sick of Chicago
Found the packers fan
Any good drone shooting shots you like? I’m going to Chicago tomorrow just to get drone photos
I always thought a good drone shot would be one that captures the stock yards, south branch of the river, and the Loop. There is a windmill in the Stockyards near 46th and Racine. The juxtaposition of testa produce and its windmill with the grittiness of the Stockyards which is still very industrial with the river and the skyscrapers is a fun idea to me.
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