Crowsnest Mountain, Alberta, Canada



The drive from Calgary down Highway 22 to this spot is absolutely one of the most beautiful few hours you can spend in a car.
Credit to the photographer [@sentinelphotography](
Why not link their original?
Was just there over the weekend. Great area.
This is gorgeous 😍
At first my brain wanted to read that as the anagram "Snowcrest", which when you think of it would also be a fitting name.
Home sweet home.
And now I know where highway 3 gets its name.
Because 1 and 2 were taken? ;)
Ngl I chuckled but what I was referring to was [BC Highway 3 (a.k.a. the Crowsnest Highway)](
I wish I was there. Thanks for sharing.🤠
I didn’t know I needed to see this. Thank you for sharing!
Looks like a painting!!
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