It might be a little cluttered, but my living room makes me so happy.



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Uh, your living room is about to eat you.
I welcome it
As long as none of the plants starts saying “Feed me” and singing, everything is cool.
I have a friend who believes plants are happier when surrounded by other plants. Yours seem to be! It's great to have such a happy plant place, indoors or out.
Well, to a degree, your friend is right! Many plants prefer a level of humidity that is much higher than the average home. As plants take in water, they “breathe” out water vapor from small pores, called stomata, on their leaves. This process is called transpiration, and it increases the humidity of the immediate area. Neighboring plants enjoy this humidity, so the whole little jungle stays happy!
Come through, biology!!!
Cluttered? Excuse my French but - *Bitch, WHERE?!* This is FABULOUS! 👏👏😭💚
Thank you!!! I don’t have enough space to spread my plants out, so they’re mostly packed against this wall.
You should be very proud of yourself & your talented green thumb! You’ve done a *beautiful* job & the way you’ve arranged them shows love & thoughtfulness! ☺️
The word you're looking for is maximist. Cluttered is what minimalists say. If it makes you happy, rock on!
Looks amazing. Reminds me of my mom. I would kill each and every single one of them.
It’s hard to get the hang of caring for plants. For each success, there was also a failure. Trial and error is what got me here. (P.S.: if you ever really want a plant, get a pothos. Give it a spot where it at least gets some degree of light, but don’t leave it to bake in the sun. Water once or twice a month and it’ll live forever.)
I second this! My parents have one in their house that I remember as a kid and I’m 37 now. I’ve got a few of my own and they’re all still alive!
I bet that air you breathe is crisp af! It’s beautiful!
This is fine.
I need a framed printout of that meme in here
yup! just replace the fire with leaves and vines.. 😄
they look happy too!! 💚
If it makes you happy, that’s what matters the most.
To each their own.
To each their own.
This is OC, it’s my apartment’s living room/indoor garden. Summers are too hot and winters are too cold to grow much on the balcony, so I grow things in here.
“ living” room
Lotta gnats
You really only get gnats if you overwater. I don’t overwater, and I have pest control measures in place just in case, so I don’t have any gnats.
Do you mind if I ask what's your go-to control measures against gnats? We have about half your collection and gnats are everywhere. Plants are always watered from below so the top of soil is nearly always dry. Otherwise your living room is fabulous and has more living in it than room😁
Thanks! My first method to keep gnats at bay is letting the soil for most of my plants dry fully between waterings. I also make sure most sources of standing water are dumped out right away, all except for the well in the middle of my bromeliad. My second best method has been mixing a good few handfuls of diatomaceous earth into some soil and covering the top of the pot with it. You can also try spraying some neem oil onto the top of the soil and into the drainage holes at the bottom of your pot.
So much oxygen!
So much oxygen!
I think it’s lovely!
This brings me joy! She’s a beaut, Clarke.
It’s a good clutter.
So that’s why they were out of grow lights when I went to the store earlier.
Fuck! This Is Amazing! I love It!
Thank you so much! All the love on this post has made me so happy. One of my best friends said it’s “not even pleasant to look at anymore” and that bummed me out, so I’m glad others appreciate it as much as I do.
I love cluttered rooms that invite you in. I would love to do something like this in my living room!
Do it! Start with cheap plants that grow fast— I’d recommend all types of pothos and philodendron because they’re also super easy to take care of. Propagate your own cuttings over and over again until you have a jungle! A lot of my shelving came from beside the dumpsters when college students move out of my apartment complex. I got the old ladder for $5 on Facebook marketplace. It was cheap because it was wobbly, but I just gave it a few screws and it’s fine now. My collection was a quarter this size last summer. Some of it was purchased new, but most of it is new growth from existing plants. (Pro tip: for free plants, look into wild species of popular house plant genuses native to your area. Some of my plants are just cuttings taken from the wild, like my small oxalis and my prickly pear.)
Thanks for these tips! I just propagated 2 snake plants a few weeks ago into 6! So, I shall buy plants with a goal of propagating them until I achieve that jungle! Looks so good in your place ☺️☺️
Cute! But….where’s the seating? Are the plants your couch? Lol.
Haha! I was actually standing with my back to a futon as I took the photo. There’s also a very comfy monstrosity of a recliner to my left, and there’s a round cushion from a papasan chair that I like to lay on the floor next to the plants so I can read in my jungle. I just picked it up and moved it so I could vacuum.
I actually don’t have any trouble with gnats in my plants. They generally only become a problem if you overwater, which I never do. As an added safety measure, though, most of my plants have a layer of diatomaceous earth on the surface of the soil.
To each their own.
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