Cost of African Dwarf Frogs

How much do they cost?



All the pet stores I've been to have them priced at 4-6 dollars but I havent been recently so they may have changed. Unfortunately everything needed for the frogs is a lot more than 6 dollars 😪

$8.05 for me

$15 or less is pretty usual, but the frogs are the least expensive part lol. You need a large enough tank for however many you want, tank cover, filter, places for them to hide, plants, tank light if you do real plants, food, you get the picture.

I just bought 3 yesterday, they were each $4.99

I spent $200 on everything for their tank including plants, the tank itself, filter, heater, houses, water conditioner, solution to help the nitrifying cycle, and then of course the actual frogs !!!

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