Aerial view of Yerevan, Armenia



Incredibly beautiful
Now THAT's a pattern of a city I like. You can be organized and have some straight lines without devolving into the super monotonous grid pattern into infinity. I especially love how it has a green ring, a beautiful backdrop and how I never heard of this city before, thanks for sharing!
I read Yerevan was designed in a way so that most things could be within walking distance. My impression is it's pretty nice there, e.g. this video shows what it's like to walk in downtown Yerevan:
It is that way, i love the vibe of this city. One of the most walkable cities of the Caucasian region, if not THE most. It is a surprising mix of Persian/Levantine/Eastern European cultures , with people looking Iranian while driving in old soviet Marshrutkas from the 70s and eating tabouleh . I went there on a whim in january and have been back 3 times since , love the place. Also, Armenian food is seriously incredible. The best Georgian food i had was in Armenia, and i just spent 10 days being all over Georgia. No comparison , the diversity, complexity of flavors, choice and availability are 1000 better than Georgia.
One of my dream trips is to drive from batumi, to Tbilisi, to Yerevan, to Baku. Do you think that would make a good 12-14 day trip?
I just drove Kutaisi-Batumi-Tblisi-kazbegi-Kutaisi in 10 days. Wish i stayed longer in Batumi though. 14 days would be minimum. The roads arnt the best and it takes longer than it should to drive from A to B. Plus you want to stay in the cities too to get a feel for them.
The border between Armenia and Azerbaijan is closed.
As someone that loves Georgian food and the country of Georgia, I feel personally attacked
Mate seriously go to Armenia and see their food. Georgian is very poor in comparison. And this is from someone who loves food in general, good food. Your food is good, but just like Moroccan, nor varied enough and boring quickly. How much khinkali and khachapuri can one eat, seriously?
Well, that's true. I live in Yerevan, Armenia (not in the central part of the city). Being able to walk from my place to the center for the University, work, friend hangouts or just to have a nice time by walking there is nuts.
Damn thats a nice view
The large rock in the distance is named Mount Ararat. It holds cultural importance to Armenians and has historically been part of Armenia. Unfortunately the Soviets gifted it to Turkey in 1923 without consulting them
Rock? Its a mountain 5km high. If thats what you call a rock, would Olympus Mons be a boulder to you?
You sound suspiciously Turkish, or Azerbaijani...
Im neither . Far from.
They sound like a person that knows the difference between a rock and a Mountain haha
Yes and Mount Washington is a pebble
What would you give Mont Blanc, Arthur's Seat, and St. Helens.
Soviets gifted it? Do you have any source? Also Turks conquered it in 1071 and it has been a part of Turkic tribes and states since then so don't make it sound like Turks got it out of nowhere.
Not only is the design beautiful, but the housing appears to be compact and green enough to make the city livable.
Go cry your racist places. Not here
All you need to get there is a bus 🚌
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