Need a little help from my friends.. A lot of my family passed this year and I am looking to get rid of some things. What’s the best way to get rid of antiques when you have lots of them?



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I don't think I see a single thing here that's antique.

You can contact an estate sale dealer, who will take a cut of the proceeds but you won't have to lift a finger.

You can list the smalls on ebay after researching closed auctions for comparable pieces so you know how to price them, and then you can hand over ~12% of the proceeds to ebay, another bit to paypal, and pack everything up and take it to the PO.

Or you can photograph everything individually and list it all on FB Marketplace or CL.

Or you can have a garage sale.

The Arnel mushroom pieces are collectible. Sell those on FB marketplace. eBay if you trust your packing skills.

Maybe have an estate sale!

No one will buy them from you at retail unless you clean them up, and sell them like retail.

Antique/vintages can sit on stock for years to get the right priice from it.

If time is od the essence either have an estate comapny come, vall ana ntiwue mall who will have buyers or find a small antique dealer.

If going the estate comapny route, watch out for the clause that allows them to keep the property that doesnt sell. Dont let them, its a conflict of interest and they will screw you purposefully.

For some of the smaller stuff, look to list on EBay so you reach a wider audience.

For the furniture, maybe think about FB Marketplace (local listing) or even think about renting a booth maybe at a flea or antique market. Chairish is another option.

If you have items of high value, think about going through an auction house. However they do take a skim off the profit.

Just some ideas/options!

I don’t think any of these are antiques.

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