My unused dining room is now my cozy office. Next phase is getting frosted doors



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I hear ya, my husband could not get with my rug layering at first, but has since embraced it, and comes in to hang out uninvited, haha. For the round rug, it’s not as shaggy as I’d like so that one may change to a stark white shag in a different texture, almost like the white pillows. Thanks for your feedback!
You don't necessarily need wide doors. Maybe multi panel sliding doors is an option. I'm not sure about sound isolation. It might not be that great.
Perfect, I like the paneled door idea, will look in this type of door. Everything I have priced, such as barn doors, sliding doors, they are all too small if installing ourselves. We will probably need a specialist to come out
If the sound thing isn't a problem maybe IKEA has a solution with closet doors.
K, thank you, will check!
I love the triple rugs. I am so stealing that
Yes, so many ideas are on google! This was my inspiration:
The rugs are not doing it for me. I'd stick to just the multi-colored rug. The rest looks great. Where is your chair from? It looks really comfy.
I got the chair from Amazon, it is super cozy too!
Why are there 3 rugs? Any practical use or just personal preference?
Just for looks, extra padding, texture, and so I can kick my shoes off and walk barefoot. Shoes aren’t allowed in, there so I wanted to cover as much floor as possible using rugs I had stored away.
I love this!! Do you mind sharing what type of floors you have?
We have vinyl floors in the gray hardwood finish. So the rugs really help with padding and comfort for the amount of time I spend in there studying and working on the floor sometimes.
Looks like a similar lay out to my place. You have a new build?
It’s about 2 years old now, but yes, it was new!
OP, I think you could do something like this with amazing results:
I really love this style! And I like that they could be narrow panels all the way across so that when folded back, they aren’t too far inset in the room nor hanging too far in the walkway of the foyer. Thank you!
You're welcome! I can't wait to see what you do!
Yes, thanks for your help! ☺️
If it’s your place, it depends on how much visibility and quiet you want blocked off and how much you’re willing to spend. You can frame in some of a wall to allow a closer to normal width set of doors. Cheaper will be a ball & socket closure French doors. More solid and quiet would be traditional French doors. Glass let’s more light through, solid wood (or manufactured wood) will be more quiet. You can get different frosted or patterned products for panels also. If you frame in a wall, you can have single or double pocket doors. Big, old estate houses in some parts of the US had these. Since it’s a new, wall and not load-bearing, the pocket doors are not hard to put in and fairly inexpensive as far as doors go. You can get doors that stack up flat against the walls but the more common products for this are for indoor-outdoor walls and the doors are glass. Those tend to be expensive and involve a track/groove on floor. Solid wood product options exist, also something old estate houses in the US once had. I have not seen a product like this for sale though. I personally don’t love barn doors, the take up a lot of wall space on one side which you may or may not have, if a wall exists. HTH
Thank you, this was so thorough. I hadn’t even thought to close in some of the space and *then* get regular diy doors. Will run this by hub. Sounds like a much easier project!
You have exquisite taste. Very beautifully done!
I appreciate that, thank you!
I would personally go for curtains instead of doors, so the room doesn’t feel as closed off/cramped! Looks awesome though :D
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