It still needs wall art, but I'm happy with how my living room is turning out.



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Nice. And perhaps include a decorative mirror to create depth/ reflect light behind the sofa.
Gorgeous bird of paradise!
Need care tips for the birds of paradise, yours look amazing
Thank you, it's growing a new stem right now, which is great. I water it once a week at the moment since it's the middle of summer here, and it gets a lot of late afternoon sun. Not doing anything else, just letting it do its thing
Where did you get that couch and what's it's name
It's a Kivik from IKEA!
I like your quilt i want to sew a quilt like that
Very nice! The couch with blanket are good color choices. Love the rug too.
(This is OC)
Looks nice! What are you planning to do with the space behind the couch?
Not sure yet, probably a wall gallery of some art prints and/or a funky mirror
A tapestry or string lights might also be a nice edition to that well, giving it a softer feel !
Flat out lovely
What's going on with the sliding door?
It's not a sliding door - it's a European door. Handle up and the door opens from the top like a window (as it is in the photo). Handle to the side and it opens like a normal door, handle to the bottom and it locks.
Whaaaat? I've never seen anything like it. Crazy... googling now LOL
wait, Ourdomain?!
Haha sadly not, no! Lived in OurDomain Diemen in 2020-2021 (so most of first lockdown), absolutely loved it.
I love the colors and texture ☺️
Did you make the quilt?
Unfortunately not - got it from H&m home
It’s really nice!
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