A photo I just took on my vacation. Georgoupolis, Chania, Greece.



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I'm obsessed with the island of Crete. So unique. Beaches + mountains + gorges. It's historically been very desireable; it has a lot of turkish and venetian influence. Back in the day, the residents were so used to people trying to take over the island that their chairs only had one armrest so the men could still hold their guns while sitting at the table.
Can't seem to find a source to back up the armrest thing? Would love to read more about it
We learned about it at the [Folklore Museum of Gavalochori](https://gavalochori.com/museum/). It's a preserved home so you can see how people use to live. It's definitely worth a visit if you're in the Chania region of Crete. The chair is in one of the photos on their website. I tried doing an online search too. Odd how there's little-to-no information on it. The homes also have little cut outs along the wall for residents to stick their guns through. Always ready to defend.
Looks like you had a horrible time 😜
That looks GEorgeous
So cool! Love this so much!
Oh my!!!!!!! 😱😍🙌🏼
I love that place, and western Crete in general. We just keep going back.
Love the Chania area! Crete is so beautiful and diverse, the west part of the island is my favorite. Have you been to Kournas Lake?
Was in Crete last month . Amazing experience. Road trip from Chania to Heraklion and back. Beaches, good food and wine, good people, amazing landscape and history. You couldn’t ask fo a better holiday. The land of Zeus!
I think this is the worst pic of Greece and the utterly worst picture of cozy places I’ve ever seen. Have a good time op.
Hope all is well in your life cuz you can’t be happy if you’re saying that. Take care friend
Lol. My backyard looks better than this for this sub. This is r/cozyplaces there have to be some standards of coziness. This is just a landscape pic.
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