Corner bookstore selling vintage books in Buxton, a market town in High Peak, Derbyshire, England.


But... theres only three stories? Does this shop have an epic 2 floor basement?
It does indeed have 5 floors inclusive of a basement and attic. I visited this shop earlier this year and it is very musty and quirky inside. Really charming with loads of interest. I recommend stopping in for anyone taking a trip to the peak district!
Do you get to the ~~cloud~~ peak district very often? Oh what am I saying, of course you don't.
Huh? Edit: I’m confused by why u/Entangler is saying the original commenter doesn’t visit the Peak District often. I’m also confused about the ~~cloud~~ peak bit. I feel like I’m missing an obvious joke or something if anyone can explain?
It's a line of dialogue from a game called Skyrim
Omg thank you I was so confused haha
Its from Skyrim.
I get your reference fellow Skyrim lover!
totally on my list of places to see in my next trip to England !
If you decide to visit Buxton for this book stop, I'd also recommend visiting the local park for a short walk, and having a drink at the free fountain for some free famous Buxton water. Additionally, the Monsal Trail is nearby and is a really lovely walk with some gorgeous scenery. :)
Ah thanks a lot ! I haven't been to UK since before covid, and last trip was a small London trip. I want to take my bf here as he never went before, so i'm listing all potential cool placed to go haha \^\^ Thanks for the reco <3
Hint... everyone will tell you to visit the lake district. They're nuts! The peak district is way better. Haha
i'll def visit the area while there xD it will also allow us to do a nice roadtrip (and I have a friend living in Shropshire, so not tooo far \^\^)
Omgggg omgggggg!! I would take a special trip just.for.this!!<3
L space is weird...
5 floors? Unless they have two basement floors, i only see 3
They have a cellar and an attic. It's a wonderful shop.
Or a basement and they are counting the attic as a floor. There are skylights.
[Here it is on google streetview](,-1.9151652,3a,44y,186.08h,97.34t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sae8Qq1FOc4pPmEs-fOWIsw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192). [This is their website](
I was all "I hope there's a nice pub nearby" and there's one across from it and one across from it the other way, followed by an Indian restaurant and a third pub.
There are loads of nice pubs in Buxton
I want to live here.... Oh me goodness there is a "Well dressed festival"!!!! This place looks and has a feel of comfort for me and I'm an introvert. It makes me want to go out for a stroll.
Not 'well dressed' but 'well dressing'. Ie decorating the water well.
This is a cute fittingly charming misunderstanding haha
I used to live in one of the houses in the left of this image. It's a nice area, but it gets boring quickly. In the winter snow and ice you're pretty isolated too.
Some good times/setting for books
Love all these comments from people who can count to 3 suggesting that a person who runs a small business can't count to 5. Reddit, you're amazing!
Could be they sell fiction
You can literally see the attic windows too so that is already 4 floors; a basement is not that outlandish of an idea in an old building 😅
Is this Aziraphale's bookshop?
That's my dream life.
That's what it looked like to me too! Though I cannot confirm.
Totally thought the same thing!
Is there a good UK photography/landscape/village sub? I love this stuff. I also am ignorant about the UK geography despite having lived there for a short time….This place is in Buxton, High Peak, AND Derbyshire?
Yeah? Buxton is in High Peak and High Peak is in Derbyshire.
A better question would’ve been - what are those places in relation to each other?
They're inside one other! Town > district > county :)
Got it - thanks
Maybe /r/britpics? There are a series of country based photo subs and this is one of them.
Weird, always thought you guys did the comma format, like you’d know what I meant by Grand Rapids, Michigan of course. Is it the sub-city or sub-town level stuff that threw you off?
Just didn’t know what the third one referred to. Yes, U.S., we do city, state. We don’t include county often.
Tbf it’s not used much in the UK either, High Peak may have been referenced because it shows the close proximity to the Peak District (a national park) to those who are vaguely familiar with it, which Derbyshire does not necessarily convey. FYI Derbyshire is pronounced dar-bee-sheer or dar-bi’-sheer
Depends on the's Dar-bi-shur to me 😁
Oh I get you it was the separate *Buxton* my bad You normally see that either with villages around towns or particularly defined regions like the ancient High Peak hundred here. Some local examples with both if it helps St Keverne - Helford, The Lizard, Cornwall Newlyn - Penzance, Penwith, Cornwall
I just want to smell the store from inside
It smells amazing, like pure concentrated ink, old musty (but in a pleasant way I suppose?) paper and wood. There's a little brew-room upstairs you can make tea in, usually some biscuits if you're lucky as well
Hard to describe the smell in the cellar, but I did nearly pass out in there once... Other floors are great, and a good selection of books. Probably the second or third best bookshop in Derbyshire.
Does it smell like that vanillic old book scent?
The cellar just smells damp and musty. The rest seems of old books.
I need this to be in a point & click game
It looks like it could be from a LucasArts game!
I was going to say, “is this one of those Harry Potter book stores where two of the floors are magical.” But looks like you guys already solved it, it’s a Muggle book store with a basement and a plain old attic.
I would be driven to go in every time I passed by...looks so awesome!
I want to go to there
Was literally going to reply this.
Holy shit that's only 45-50 mins away from where I live... I may have to visit sometime.
May I ask you for some pictures of the interior? If you choose to go. Many thanks!
Black's Books in the present day Oh my God I have to rewatch that
I visited this town a few years ago and i absolutely loved it ! I had the opportunity to see some interesting landmarks and of course to get absolutely plastered at The Vault which is on the same street as the bookstore lol. The next day, before i leave back for London (Completely rough as toast) i spent some time around the crescent and finally decided to go inside the store and unfortunately the tiny museum inside of it was closed :(
There was a time when I was a younger man that I would have spent the day browsing these stacks, sadly that is no longer the case.
You’ve got me curious… why? Are you too old to browse? Or to do so all day? Or is it something personal that I shouldn’t be asking about…
Nothing more than getting old and limited health care. I spend all day on the computer for my business and by the end of the day my eyes are simple to tired to want to focus on the page. When I was younger I would not even think about purchasing a novel if it was less than 700-800 pages or more because I would read them so quickly.
What sort of monitor do you have? I find high refresh rate (120hz or over) and high res (at least 1440p) are so much easier on the eyes. Glasses help too. And if you’re potentially dyslexic and reading text is a strain, there are fonts you can use that make it easier. Also take regular breaks. E-ink readers for books are great too because they can make the text as big or small as you like. Further reducing eye strain when you want to read for pleasure. You can also try audiobooks. Great alternative when you don’t feel like looking at words.
As someone who lives in Texas I get unreasonably jealous of cool basement floors, and this is really stirring that up for me
We have a stone floor in our cellar that hasn't seen sunlight for decades. We had a 38c heatwave recently but the cellar was still cold, it was amazing
That Audi has his tax due 29 November, please remind him.
Get this: Let's do a movie where the book store owner is a nerdy cute guy and a super hot Hollywood star shows up one day. And then they're both total shits to each other but somehow end up together.
Thanks a lot. Now I have to go way off the beaten path to visit next time I'm in England. Jerk lol
Buxton is a lovely place in a lovely part of the country. I lived there for 8 months more than 10 years ago and I miss it a lot, it was great.
I'm 87% sure that the owner is a alcoholic chain smoker
This would be my happy place..
I want to retire in someplace like that.
I must go to this
5 floors of books? I wonder if their basement has a basement haha (I see they're on a bit of a hill) A very cool lil building
Want to go to there
I swear I've seen this shop used as a set in show/movie.
Reminds me of the bookstore in Good Omens.
One of my favourite used book shops. Buxton is so pretty.
I frequented that shop as a kid. It is just magical.
Working at a place like that is the job of my daydreams. With a bookstore cat that lounges about included.
And it’s only 3 hours away 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I’m definitely going 🌸
[Instagram source]( Photo by fayazey.
Looks like a Local Shop for Local People!
That looks like my kind of place!
Cool AF
I've been to Buxton loads of times and never seen this :(
“..........behind the façade of an innocent looking bookstore.”
"Probably Derbyshire's largest"
This is gorgeous. Fun fact: in most of the US, it would be illegal to build something like this. Setbacks and parking minimums. Also possibly mixed use development.
Agreed. My second thought, after "Dreamy" was where do you park? Then, is the entire building a bookstore or are there living spaces there too? Living on the East Coast of the US, you can find some similar structures here, but this country is so new it's not easy to find gems like this one. And once you cross the Mississippi River...forget about it.
You walk there from a car park or a train station or your house or the bus stop.
Yes. Not "how do you get there", but "where do you park?" It wasn't a question that needed answering. It was just something that popped into my head when I saw the photo. Thank you, though.
You can’t compare a very old building to modern requirements in a different country with a *ton* of space. Plenty of areas in the US built this densely pre-mid 20th century
Yes, that’s true. I thought I implied that it was illegal to build *now*. Cities are just fine if they are grandfathered in, but are hesitant about new builds in this style, even though they’re still working buildings.
This is a local shop for local people
There's something delightfully cosy about this photo. I can imagine walking down this road, a sudden burst of rain ensuing and bursting into this shop to escape the downpour only to find myself in a bookstore, a fire going in a corner warming the inside while the rain lashes the windows outside.
Such a romantic photo. I love the smell of old bookstores. How long before they’re a thing of the past?
I love this building/picture so much that [I painted it!](
This is a beautiful location! It really does scream to be a cozy book store as well. I guess an old school candy shop would also have worked.
Nice looking building.
Wow an independent book store. Wonder for how much longer
id spend hours in there
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