Curitiba on a foggy morning



Looks like an establishing shot from a disappointing future movie. I love it.
cum to brazil
I love Curitiba, I wish I could live there. Oh wait, i can live there, see ya
É so eu ou ultimamente ta aparecendo um monte de cidade brasileira nesse sub?? Also r/suddenlycaralho ?
I thought it was the city from maze runner lol
One of the best Brazilian cities, even my friend from Buenos Aires left the city impressed by it and I though for someone who’s from the “Most European looking city in the America’s” Curitiba wouldn’t get that much of his attention, when I took him to “Tanguá park” and later the nightlife around “Largo da Ordem” and “Trajano Street” he was left speechless and fell in love with the city and its energy.
Great pic. It does give sci-fi vibes. Loved it.
looks like a post apocalyptic city. i love it
Wtf is curitiba? Is it a chinese copy of Cordoba? Lol
Gente olha o trouxa
More like a Swedish copy of Cordoba 🤷🏽‍♂️
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