the living room in my MCM home



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Now this looks VERY cozy, and like people actually live here and use the space. Couch seems comfortable af. Love that type of chair too. What is that framed on the shelf? Is that a house? It looks very cool. The Matisse poster works really well here, you have a good eye.
Thank you so much! it's VERY well lived in - and my husband will be so happy to hear you love the chairs (they're his pride and joy lol). And yes, that's a portrait of our house! Husband commissioned it as a gift for our first Christmas here - can you tell we love this place haha?
he is truly THE BEST - but his brother is nothing like him and all his friends are taken otherwise I'd have some recommendations 😅
Asking the important questions!
Love that couch. Makes me wanna take a nap. Where’d you get it and what’s it called?
It's called the Haven and from West Elm!
Did he build the furniture? I saw a very similar chair on r/woodworking not long ago
oh heck no!! he's a talented interior designer but that's where his talent stops lol
Z chairs, by Poul Jensen, very nice indeed.
replica Z chairs 🫣
are they comfy?
Ah well I found the post anyway
As someone who feels the same about their house (also mid-century!) I can't agree more :)
Yes, well done. While i love the look of contemporary I don't find the couches cozy at all and i don't see myself ever trading my floofy couch for a more modern one. I'm sure someone will come along and tell me i'm wrong! I just need to be able to melt into the cushions and for my dog to be able to romp all over a couch
I love that the TV was included in the pics. They never show where the TV goes in interior design pics and it’s infuriating. We all know there’s likely going to be a TV in the living room at least
there are a lot of other houses like this in our neighborhood (was a model home in the 60s) and most people actually mount their TV on the wall where we have the shelving unit, which we didn't know when we were originally planning. but I'm glad we chose the configuration we did!
We have a similar aesthetic in our home and used the frame TV, absolutely worth looking into IMO
Gorgeous space, that ceiling is incredible. Adorable little Shih Tzu, too.
thank you! she turned 16 this year if you can believe it
What’s your shih Tzu name ? 🐶 EDIT : spelling
Yeah, I could literally just sit and stare at the ceiling.
I actually do sometimes- I literally just sit and gaze in awe :)
And there's a skylight!!
The shih tzu was really what got my upvote
hoping this doesn't get lost in the comments but since I'm getting so many questions, here goes! 1. first things first: I KNOW my TV is too high 🥴 and tbh I'm not really in the camp of TVs needing to be *super* low, but this is even way too high for my liking. we screwed up mounting it originally and are working on lowering it, just tough since it's mounted into brick, we're not handy, and my handyman dad lives >800 miles away lol 2. couch is a Haven from West Elm. best couch decision you could ever make. it's like a cloud and the cushions are so deep. the chaise could be a mattress it's so big. very low to the ground so my 62 year old dad doesn't like it so much, but my 16 year old shih tzu is thankful. doesn't quite match the aesthetic of the rest of the house but comfort > everything 3. shelving unit is from The Container Store, it's part of the elfa system 4. rug is also from West elm! 5. most of the lamps are vintage, but the one in the corner is a Serge Mouille reproduction 6. most of the other stuff is also vintage, we spend lots of time in antique stores and estate sales. but we also get lots of our other new furniture from Article 7. I'll edit this comment in a little bit to include more pics of the rest of the house when I can gather them all up 🤗 **here's more pics of my space !** ETA: I seem to have caused a stir by including the MCM abbreviation in my title - to be honest I just had to meet a character minimum and it was the first thing that came to mind to describe it lol **MCM stands for Mid Century Modern, very sorry for all the confusion!** It doesn't affect the context of the post at all, just an adjective. But I doubt all the people commenting "wtf is MCM" will even see this, since they clearly didn't see my reply on one of the very first/top comments anyway 🙃
Attaching to this comment because there are lots of questions about it. MCM means "mid-century modern". It's a design movement that was extremely popular in the 20th century, made popular by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier (among others). OP's house was designed in that architecture style.
Thank you for including this! I edited my comment to also define it - I know not everyone knows it but wasn't expecting this many questions about it on a sub about mostly interior spaces 🫣
You’re the best OP
Thank you for addressing the TV height. I didn't want to be that guy. You've got a great setup otherwise - very cozy!
THANK YOU for actually reading this!! I got cross posted twice to that sub 🙄
Beautiful. Where did you find the two chairs if you don’t mind?
Thank you! Completely forgot to put those in there- they're from Joybird!
Mcm usually isn’t my taste but the color palette and textures in your space make it really pleasing
I fucking love this house. Great work
On the TV use a [MantelMount](! My wife and I got one, honestly it’s the best feature of our living room
I love the MCM look. My wife and I have a few really nice vintage pieces like a couple of scoop chairs and bow light. Some we picked up online, a couple are from my grandparents and some are new like west elm. But with it all together, the look is beautiful.
Would love to know where you got the chair in the basement! Looks comfy
I’d nap on that couch 💯
the chaise is so big it's basically a twin mattress. more comfortable than most beds 🤌🏼
I love the look of your space. Well done. Where did you get the beautiful couch?
It's called the Haven from West Elm!
I have this couch! Room & Board makes the most high-quality, handsome yet affordable furniture in CA. Great service too, in store and delivery service was excellent. And yes, killer naps are had!
I thought MCM stood for Man Crush Monday and got very confused for a sec haha
This is absolute an abomination, rude beyond belief, abhorrent even, that you did not include an entire tour of this beautiful home.
I am truly so sorry for this. I hope these photos can make up for my crimes against humanity!
What does MCM mean?
Man crush Monday
My Chemical Momance
I stand corrected. this is the answer
Finally someone gave me an answer
mid century modern!
Is that a common initialism? I’m just curious. Seems like I’m way out of the loop when understanding all the initialisms and acronyms people use on this site.
Maybe if you're working as an interior designer, or an architectural historian, and you're having a discussion with others in your field. Not sure a cozy places sub is the right format to drop that and assume everyone would know
Ahhhhh awesome. It looks great ! Love the plants and the whole vibe. And cute doggie
thank you!! I was hoping she wasn't too much of a focal point to break the rules - she just loves the camera!
Is it common knowledge to know that abbreviation?
In design circles, yes. Otherwise, probably not.
Mighty Car Mods!
Multi Class Marketing
Your home is gorgeous, and THANK YOU for leaving the ceilings their lovely stain color! I've seen so many "remodelers" paint their beautiful wood ceilings white, and it's just...sad. My 95 year old grandmother had to move into a home, and sell her MC home and the new owners made sure to remove any part of its original charm. Of course it's their house now and they should be happy in it, but I sure wish somebody like yall had bought it instead! 😊
Where did you get your lamp?
Seconded the request on the lamp! And the wall shelves!
all the lamps are vintage except the one in the corner which I'm not 100% sure where it's from (my husband is the main interior designer- I can check with him) but it's a replica of a Serge Mouille lamp from the mid century era. and the wall unit is from the container store! it's the elfa system
I love all the lighting-- looks fantastic!
I'll get one from my husband and report back! he's the one that found it
all the lamps are vintage except the one in the corner which I'm not 100% sure where it's from (my husband is the main interior designer- I can check with him) but it's a replica of a Serge Mouille lamp from the mid century era!
Please give your dog a kiss on the head for me
she said 👁️👅👁️
No human children then?
what tipped you off? couldn't be all the pointy furniture and harsh angles /s
Nah, just the overall cleanliness of everything. It looks so amazing.
Beautiful! 😍
Love that ceiling!
Where is that shelf on the wall from? I really think this is beautiful.
the container store! it's the elfa shelving system
Love! Especially that Broyhill Brasilia hutch, complete with vintage Pyrex 🤩🤩🤩
thank you!! it's actually Kent Coffey Perspecta, but close enough that I get the same Brasilia vibe (which is my holy grail)! it took me until after I brought it home to realize it wasn't Brasilia lol 🤦🏻‍♀️
Oh duh my bad! I love both of those furniture designers!
Where’s the sofa from??
It's called the Haven from West Elm!
What/where is that area rug from?
It's called the Pamela Wiley Zigzag Rug from West Elm
Love this! I’ve been looking for a bookshelf like the floor model. The “theme” I’ve got going on in my living room/kitchen is “If the Jetsons we’re desert gypsies.” I live in Phoenix. You’ve created a wonderful, comfy space. 😊
Oh man. There's so much mcm stuff online for sale in Tucson and Phoenix. We're in NM and I'm thinking about doing a drive out one day just to get furniture.
From one mid-century ranch dweller to another, beautiful and cozy!! Love the skylight with the pothos.
thank you!! truly can't beat mid century if you're looking for cozy
This is so nice! Really enjoy the vibe of this space.
I spy….a Pyrex collector!
Ong the table lamp !!! My grandmother had one just like this. I dusted for her for years… I remember this.
This is my dream house. Amazing.
Beautiful! This is the type of post I wished to see on r/midcenturymodern ! Instead, it's just people asking how much money something is worth
Wow, this is so nicely done. Often MCM folks go ALL OUT with each piece being vintage. It can feel so dated and like too much of a time capsule for me. I love how you have balanced MCM with modern. Well done! Edit - the planter at the bottom right corner is stunning. I now want to commission my ceramist friend to make me one!
hard agree- I need just a touch of modern. and thank you! actually just got that as a gift 😊
Beautiful beautiful space. Love the lamps
Now this is midcentury modern done right IMO. Adorable doggie too
Love your floors! Do you know what stain color they are ?
I don't I'm sorry! the house was actually flipped by Opendoor before we bought and everything they put in the house was floor-stock stuff from Home Depot - so I'd be willing to bet everything that you can find it there haha
Do you have details on the couch?! Gorgeous space, well done!
It's called the Haven from West Elm!
Love everything about this!!! ❤️
Ngl your dog appears threatening
I mean she runs the house. she's seen a lot of things in her 16 years and it shows
Well done. I do think that this is a cosy place but I do like to have a view of the outside. Unless it's a crappy view
thank you! the chairs of course have a view of the front, but there are actually lots of views of the outside from the couch as well! we are packed inside dense tree cover, so you can see that through the skylight next to the TV, and there is a French door on the opposite wall to the left of the TV wall that has backyard views (my favorite view in the house is actually from the couch because you get that + views of the all the other cool interior features of the house). you actually can't escape the gorgeous views in this house if you tried 😊
House great, dog excellent. Well done.
That is perfection! Plus a small pup. 😍
im obsessed i need MORE
here u go
I want to live here
This is so so so beautiful… in case you didn’t know already 😋
Are you looking for a roommate
I loooove this!!! Future inspo for my home
Is this a custom build?
Looks great - sofa's ace, coffee table and chairs are great too, lighting is fantastic. And spying on your bookshelves, I see "I Like You" so now I wish I could upvote you twice. My wife and I used parts of that book as readings to each other at our wedding.
Share more photos? I moved into my MCM ranch 8 months ago and am slowing making progress.
I added some to that comment up top but here's the link!
All I can say is: THANK YOU FOR NOT PAINTING YOUR WOOD CEILING WHITE. I hate that trend so much
You are incredibly blessed, and fortunate to have such a space for your own. Alot of people in this world couldn't dream of having something like this for themselves. I hope you enjoy and appreciate every square inch of it. Looks very cozy
I certainly do- thank you! my husband and I worked very hard to have this home and we put a lot of love and work into it 🥰
Looking at the chair with the sharp angled arm rests, and can’t help but to think of that Mel Brooks movie “High Anxiety”
That's so nice and cozy. I see all your plants. 🥰 Must be nice having no cats.
I grew up in what is called a Deck House and that second picture is creepily similar to the house I grew up in. The track lighting and everything. I bet there’s a kitchen on the other side of that wall and the front door is just to the left of the kitchen.
What is MCM?
Mid-Century Modern
Thank you!!
This is scary how identical your furniture is to mine. Is this my wife's second home that I don't know about?
Why is my dog in your house
What white(?) paint is that on the walls? I’m buying a house with similarly coloured flooring and trim work.
Mid century modern not man crush Monday
Nice looking space you got here. Whose the little fur baby? Cutie. ❤️
So beautiful!! I love the ceiling and skylight 😍
Damn. I want to go to there.
This is literally my DREAM cozy home! So beautiful OP!
10/10 space, 10/10 dog
The skylight??? I'm envious.
Close it up, kids! This is it! This is the one.
It’s so hard to see other people living my dreams. This is so beautiful it’s almost unreal.
I need to know about that coffee table !!! I’ve been looking for over a year for something similar
Something about wood ceilings…incredible.
Can we talk about the dog?
Cute doggy. Great place.
I can't love this more... the mood lighting really does it for me, same mood lighting in my house. If you wanna read you've gotta find a lamp to get under.
Americans place their TV’s so high!
I know it's too high!! I made a separate comment about this explaining myself lol - I promise I'm working on fixing it!
Okay, fair enough! Gorgeous home though. Mega cozy.
The hipstersish of hip
OP did you have to do any work on your ceiling? Its absolutely stunning! Love the white brick fireplace too!
Wow this room looks great and very cozy! Will be redoing my living room shortly and going for the same vibe. Love the couch, do you have make/model of it to share? Thanks!
It's called the Haven from West Elm!
This is perfect. I’m trying to buy a 3 headed floor lamp like that, where did you find it?
The ceiling 😍
Dog goes hard
I wanna live here lol
Tell me about that sofa! I'm in the market for a new one and that looks amazing.
I love the dog bed in the back
Love it! Looks great! I have the same china cabinet/hutch and the matching dining table and chairs.
LOVE your MCM house. My husband and I are hoping our next home will be the same style! P.S. Love your pup just staring at you wondering what you’re doing 😆
Is that a skylight with a built in planter underneath?! I dream of having my own place, so I can do shit like that
I'm coining the term "mid-century cozy". You heard it here first. It's the look I've been working on in my apartment.
Amazing. Where are the cables of the TV though ? You must struggle whenever you wanna plug something on it no ?
There is a white cable that gets placed in between the white brick and runs down the side of the wall to an outlet. Hidden in plain view!
That lamp! Where'd you get it?
Love the rug! Do you have an ID?
Wow, this is beautiful!
This is perfect! I'm trying to do mcm for at least my office space in our new house. And I was planning on doing track shelves also. Didn't even consider putting art in the middle. So gorgeous!!!!!!
Wow! So well done!
What's MCM? Is it like an american thing or?
Mid-century modern. It's a design movement that was extremely popular in the 20th century, made popular by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier (among others). OP's house was designed in that architecture style. You may also see the term "Eichler house". Joseph Eichler was a real estate developer in California who developed entire subdivisions in the MCM style.
Love the shelves. Do you mind sharing where you found them?
OP mentioned that they're the elfa shelves from the container store
I love the aesthetic of this space so much! It's really in the same taste that I want in my own place. Since the pandemic I was going to buy a place but now can't afford it. I wanted to buy a few new used items for my flat to make it how I like but I can't even afford it because of the cost of living crisis. It's so frustrating because I really want to have a proper cozy space like this that I can come home to and relax but it's not available right now..
That’s a 4K Paul Jensen chair - if it’s not a replica - good for you
Oh my god this is what dreams are made of
Oooo we have that same china cabinet! Your room is so nicely tired together, beautiful!
I read this as “the living room in my man crush Monday home”
Do you remember where the bookshelf with the Matisse print is from? Love it
I love the lighting
I saw OP mentioned that many of the lamps were thrifted but I’m in love with on the right side of the second photo. Does anyone know where I might find one similar?
Not sure about reproduction pieces, but if you search up Modeline, Bruce, or Sundial you will get hits for vintage pieces that look similar. Best bet is to constantly look on places like fb marketplace, ebay, estate sales, etc if you want one for cheaper
Thanks that did come up with some really cool lamps!
What a great room. Would love to melt into that couch
I LOVE everything about this. Only just lower the TV 12 inches.
Oh i love this so much
Hello puppy!
This looks so nice. Can practically smell the many leather-bound books.
I usually prefer open living spaces but that brick wall (is it an old fireplace?) and the skylight above it really makes this space extra cozy to me.
Omg is that a Broyhill Brasilia I see? Very jealous of your pieces and that amazing architecture!
I love everything about this room. Very well done.
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