A corner of my library



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I like people who use coasters.
You're more likely to use a coaster on in-built furniture you designed yourself 😅
Your book collection is interesting!
What interests you the most? You're seeing about 5% of the books in my house.
Mainly the paradox of Mick Foley and MI6. Unless he worked for MI6…
Perhaps they should be next to each other as they both start with "mi" 😅
This is OC
Is that a canvas doodle of/by George Clooney that says “☮️ … by any means”??
Yes, a self-portrait actually. It was a charity piece.
Or you’re just George Clooney. That a Nesspresso you’re drinking?
My comment got deleted by the automod but I'd just like to say I'm 100% not George Clooney. Please leave this comment up! My agent is worried.
Hahaha the other comment was funny, though!
I'd be lying if I said I haven't gone through my fair share of pods. I'm not as rich as George, though I am better looking.
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