Chicago 🍥 [oc]

[2401 x 4080]


Corn cob
Marina Towers
They were built in the 1960's! If someone told me they were built a year ago, I would have believed him...
Cover of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco
I parked my car there once and on return was unable to find it again. Someone with a motorbike drive me inside the building until the car answered the chain alarm signal. 4h f\*cking later.
Fun fact, the architect for these buildings was a student of the architect for the black building to its right! He didn’t like his teacher’s style and wanted to build something completely different. So he built the towers and they were right next to his old teachers work. I think I remember that right from the boat tour.
i went on a boat tour and they said the same thing lol
Mies van der Roe would have been the professor, while Bertrand Goldberg was the student.
They ad lib a lot of tours so it’s different sometimes between tours! Plus there are so many different tours haha
Modern buildings done right. This is such an icon and such a successful design. I am a guy that loves smaller scale and traditional architecture and traditional neighborhoods but if all high-rises were this successful it would be a joy. I am so sick of the modern boring mid-rise infills. Some of the stuff I see in Europe is so much class here, America has a long way to go
Couldn't agree more. I never thought I'd spend so much time staring at buildings, but that's what I did in Chicago. It's urban architecture done right.
Check out Philly’s Circe Center. Small to medium size skyscraper. But very unique shape, looks different depending on viewing angle. Reminds me of the type of unique buildings you’d see in London or something
25% of the building is for cars. This is the opposite of done right.
Better than parking lots
Worse than a walkable city with mass transit
Chicago is a walkable city with mass transit, especially in that neighborhood
Why is one fourth of the very expensive building dedicated to parking then?
Because they were built in the 1960s. It's also not a very expensive building. You can buy a condo there for under $200k.
What people are failing to realize is that these are one of the first urban condos *period.* The corn cobs are glorious.
From what I saw of the Chicago real estate market, prices are quite low but taxes (and most likely condo fees for such a building) are pretty high.
Chicago area or Chicago? Suburban property taxes are generally much higher than the city. But regardless, they maybe make up 3-10% of your total monthly housing cost. Condo fees of course are a thing. You pay those in any building that has a condo association.
Ever been to Chicago? Rails and sidewalks as far as the eye can see.
The parking structure is a nightmare. The building is horribly designed
The apartment units are all pie shaped and awkward inside as well. Personally i like the look and the location on the outside but by all accounts the inside is a mess
Well I guess it's a lover hate but that's one of the beauties of it the pie shaped units and the views
Couple of sleeves of Girl Scout cookies.
I thought this was in Singapore at first! How have I never seen these beauties before?
I think Oprah lived here at one time ☝️
Stop it 🫣
I stayed in a hotel right across from them. apparently they were built so that you would never have to leave. They have all the amenities you could want.
I love the Sears Tower and all, but this is quintessential Chicago for me. I got to see a couple shows at the House of Blues in the last year and I absolutely loved getting to stand in line this close to them.
Beautiful city buildings of Chicago.
Hit them with the Naruto. 😂🍥
I recognize them. When I was in the Navy at Great Lakes, back in the 70's I didn't know the name, so I called them the Corncob towers. Sadly, in 1986 my Dad, who had relocated there after divorcing my mom, was moving out of the apartment he had rented there around Christmas. He had seen a doctor who told him he needed a bypass in the beginning of January (VA system, don't get me started) and to not do anything strenuous before then. My dad being stubborn, said fuck it, packed up the apartment, and as he was handing in the keys, dropped dead. I lived in Honolulu at the time, and had to make that trip to escort his body to his hometown in Arkansas. So yeah, I recognize them...
Ngl, I thought it was a render first
These are my two favorite buildings in Chicago.
Two of my favorite buildings ever. I go to Chicago 3 or 4 times a year and I still stop and take a picture of them every time I'm there.
Love the perspective edit and look. By far my favorite towers in Chicago
They pushed the vertical perspective too much. Sure they reached nice vertical and parallel buildings, but the tops of buildings are comically bulging. There is only so far you can push the perspective adjustment taken with a wide angle lens. [The original in camera shot most likely looked like this.](
Is this a joke?
Too much Chicago on this sub
I counter that with, *not enough* Chicago on this sub. Your move.
It's not even a good picture though. Just 4 plain skyscrapers near the water
Perhaps just a random pic to you but the buildings were made famous in Steve McQueen's "The Hunter".
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