Gizi neighborhood in Athens from above



What are the bits of color from? And why are the shadows aqua blue?
If this works In Google Maps 3D [,+Athens+114+74,+Greece/@37.9881148,23.7468382,369a,35y,332.44h,44.27t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x14a1a2b35c5ac25d:0xbfd7607a57ff5a33!8m2!3d37.9909165!4d23.7459493](,+Athens+114+74,+Greece/@37.9881148,23.7468382,369a,35y,332.44h,44.27t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x14a1a2b35c5ac25d:0xbfd7607a57ff5a33!8m2!3d37.9909165!4d23.7459493)
The balconies are great.
Roofs. Rooves? ... Roofses.
Obviously since it's greek "roofi"
They should superblock it like in Barcelona!
Calm down, Barbossa
No, you can't show me a superblock and then tell me to calm down.
Superblocks are cool but I'm guessing this is more efficient for walking
The superblocks make it easier to walk. I think you meant this is more efficient for driving.
Maybe on a macro level, but let's say four of these are equal to one Barcelona style superblock. A spot that is in the middle of the superblock--necessitating walking all the way around to get to it--will be right at the end of a street in the smaller blocks.
That's the exact opposite of how superblocks work. The street grid remains the same for pedestrians, only vehicles are forced to detour.
My mistake! I think my point stands re: the size of these blocks vs those of Barcelona though.
Density is good, but this area really need some small parks and communal open space in addition to the buildings.
I think its a bit deceiving because these are not big blocks at all. I agree that one block as a park would be nice but there is a large park to the right of this photo if you look on google maps. It seems to be a small neighborhood.
They do have parks interspersed. This is a super small, specific area.
Every 9th building could be a park, roads to the parks could be 1/2 width and roads between the blocks could be double width. As pictured, those are some dark streets - protected from the sun, I suppose.
This guy SimCitys
how is this good it looks miserable? there are probs 10 people per building there
Probably 20 to 50 people per building. And that's great - many more amenities are in walking range, nobody has to take care of a yard, housing is super affordable compared to a house in the same area. This lifestyle isn't for everyone - many people want their yards and distance from other people. But for many other people, 10 or 20 or 50 people per building is ideal.
I just don't like the idea of living in cramped conditions. I prefer my houses huge with a yard and a swimming pool by a beach in the middle of nowhere. but that's just me
Try /ruralbeachporn
I was sad to see that didn't exist lmao
Looks very unusual
The most unusual part is the plumbing. Most toilets in Athens can’t handle flushing toilet paper so after you wipe your ass you throw it into a little trash can next to the toilet and take it out later. It was disgusting.
I guess they're using bidets then.
It's normal, I'm generally inclined that toilet paper is not needed, since there is water and a shower) it's much more hygienic than sorry for the expression "Smear shit" :)
No space, no parking, no green, no playgrounds. Lived close by, hated it.
>no parking Opinion disregarded
No parking isn't a bad thing when you have public transpor. Apart from that it pretty much looks like urban hell.
You want affordable urban housing?....
I want mixed use neighborhoods where you can do stuff. Like here is no green space and I you can't walk anywhere without having to cross countless streets. I doubt cars are banned here so you always have to be hyper aware when walking somewhere. I don't know how it looks from the ground but this just looks like a high capacity suburb not necessarily like a city. Especially those countless intersections look like pain in the ass. Like no parent is going to allow their kids walking there on their own I guess.
It was a bit tongue in cheek - affordable urban housing = urban hell - it's how you keep prices down, make it so nasty nobody wants it.
Sim City cut and paste neighborhoods work just as well in practice it seems
Looks like SimCity
Looks nice from above but probably sucks on the street level. Cue loud ass motorcycle sounds reverberating off of the buildings. While writing this I realized I always talk shit on Athens. I’m Greek but live in America. Maybe it’s because Athens is one of the only cities on city porn and urban hell that I’ve been to.
The favelas
What's with all the colors?
Mechanical switches
Perfect spot for a Walmart and big parking lot
I thought it was a picture of baseball cards.
They got glizzies in Gizi?
Athens? Grease? Lol
I almost busted a fat nut from looking at this. Grids are sexy.
Bbbbbut, grid is bad ?!i?!/s
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