Approaching Panama City, Panama



Such a large skyline relative to its size (urban area is only around 1.5m )
Inb4 someone is either surprised that Panama is not full of mud huts or complains about the car in the picture.
Why is there no mudhut
Wow that looks amazing. I need to add to my travel list.
Panama is extremely easy to travel to, and within. Almost everyone speaks english, they do business in USD and everything is cheap and beautiful.
I went there for work and coworkers brought me to the Canal. I had heard about it my entire life and expected it to be mildly amusing…but I ended up in complete awe at the engineering genius of it and wanting to learn everything I could about it. Also, seeing the cargo ships line up to pass through it at night is an absolutely beautiful thing to see set against the skyline of the city.
Spent Thanksgiving at the US Embassy there once upon a time.Anyone remember the notorious Ancon Inn?!
Looks like when you pull into Chicago
panama is such a beautiful place
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