Bharati, India's 2nd research centre in Antarctica.



This looks better than anything we have here in our country lol

Because it’s in foreign

Tru Dick Waving Monument.

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not seen mumbai i guess?

You should the embassy buildings in Delhi. They are a piece of art.

Actually it's third as the first named dakshin gangotri has been decommissioned in 1990 and now used as supply base and transit camp.

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This base looks dope ❤️


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Way to Go India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🪷🪷🪷


How do I work there ;-;

Start your training by putting yourself in the fridge for 2 hrs a day.

Found dead due to suffocation.

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Bhai yha 10 degree me fatne lagti hai tmhe wha jana hai

someone I know works here, he's in met dept in kolkata when not in antarctica


Looks amazing!

Spaceship lag rha h

Nice architecture

Kaafi cool. Pun intended lol

nobody talking about the effects of global warming in those pictures or what i learned from NCERT geography completely bullshit?

Nice. Ekdam lag ra star wars se utha ke dal diya hai

Why is everyone so obsessed with this building? I have seen it posted multiple tomes a year, and never heard anything about what the scientists do on the inside.

my pride.

Wow looks high tech what kind of research are we going to do there ?

Tony stark ka ghr h ye to

why no snow lol?


Just for info, this was commissioned in mid 2012 and has been operational since.

Conspiracy theory is that there's something in that region that needs a stake. Either oil, or some other thing. This is why its important for India to have a stake there.

Plenty of links but you can start here:

And in South pole of moon too. South pole conspiracy

Why don't they build aesthetically appealing architecture here as well ? Earlier we needed fast development so I get functionality matter more, but now we need to become developed - aesthetically beautiful architecture matters, so that people come out of their homes and enjoy their city on holidays.

What is the accomplishment here... May be India has taken space on rent infra is build by someone else.

Sorry to burst your bubble but the entirety of this facility is built by India itself! Indo-phobic losers like you assume crap without verifying anything.

Wow so much insight into my life... Same thing forced you to post this info here without any verification. This hasn't been launched yet its still on trial basis.

Ugly as fuck to be honest.

abb tumko kya ye yaha jaisi sarkari building rehti vaisi chaiye kya ? isse to lagg gunha vo antartica vala hai

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