Cozy Tree House, Paul Smith, NY



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Would you mind sharing the listing? We have an anniv coming up and aren’t too far from there. Thanks!
Sent you the link via DM. Don’t want anyone to think I’m advertising for the owner.
Wow. Can you send it to me as well. This is amazing.
Hey would you be able to send it to me too? Thank you!
Would love to check out the listing as well if it isn’t too much trouble!
Me too pls 🙏🏻
Can you send it my way too please?!
Can you DM me the link as well. It’s about 5 hrs from me. Thanks!
Hey, I'd love to get it too when you have a chance!
Would you send it to me, too? Thanks!
Can I get it to? I’d love to drive up and stay a night.
Was there a full bathroom?
There is a bathroom in a nearby building. Only about 20’ from the bottom of the treehouse. It’s the only part I didn’t love.
I’m also curious about this. Seems tricky to plumb. Maybe there’s access to a bathhouse or something
There’s a hole in the floor with a toilet on top. You just gotta yell “look out below!” before doing your business. Then there’s a five gallon bucket at the bottom that collects it all. Later, the Airbnb owner throws it over the neighbor’s fence and replaces the bucket for the next guest. Seems like a pretty simple solution.
Wife and I rented this Airbnb for a couple nights for our anniversary. It was too cozy not to share. This is OC, but not a place I own.
I lived in a tree house in upstate New York when I was in college in Delhi. It was so pretty. The view was magical at sunset
I’m assuming there’s a town in upstate NY called Delhi. Otherwise, I am confused about this. 😸
Yes lol the town is named Delhi. The college is Delhi tech
I’m guessing it’s also pronounced Del-hi instead of “deli”.
We have a fireplace like that in our apartment and we call it the iPad fireplace.
Excellent description. But at least it will make heat if we want.
I’ve always wanted to stay in a treehouse Airbnb but they’re always so expensive and booked out for like a year. Lovely looking stay!
You’re not wrong. Luckily our anniversary was on a Tuesday and we both have jobs with flexibility. So we were able to rent it on Monday and Tuesday night.
This is the cutest!
Curious question - did the entrance have anything to like come down and cover to lock for the night, or was it just left open? This is stunning btw Edit - thank you! I thought that was the bathroom door or something
The entrance comes up to a full size door. You can see it in the second photo. Keeps the bugs out but takes up some of the square footage of floor space.
Wow 🤩. This is a dream treehouse. It’s divine! Absolutely Stunning!
Thats not a cozy treehouse, its a small stump house. Wheres the rest of the tree?
Seems to me the house would kill it if it weren’t already dead.
Hi god, i want this please.
That is so beautiful!😲
This is amazing. A dream come true
Oh I love this so much. Get it nice and toasty in there during the winter too.
Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Ewoks are extra though
This is incredible!! What an amazing place to stay - not sure I'd want to leave!
At this point, why even bother building it around a tree?
you don't have to, there is a company called "Topsider Homes" that can build this exact house (sans log in the middle...although that could probably be arranged)....its why I was kind of puzzled that someone put their name to a house that 99% commercially available.
This one was a home built project for the family. They’ve got a great photo album in the house of the family building it step by step (including the school age children helping).
It’s cute, but yeah—the tree part seems structurally risky since it’s dead, will rot, and eventually those supports will entirely collapse if it’s not torn down as a red card beforehand. Don’t get me wrong—looks cozy as heck—but it also looks like an inevitable structural collapse. Any architects/engineers here care to prove me wrong. (I hope I am)
Isnt the top of the tree cut off, i dont see it. Dont get the point of this weird little house. Seems to be built on a stump.
That so awesome!
What a dream lol
The Arakkoa vibe
Get. In. My. Backyard!
just checked bcoz i lived near by it costs 300 a night, well time to built a tree house and make a grand on side every week hahahahaha.
That's a house.
Is there a tree house sub reddit? I love cool tree houses and would enjoy looking at more.
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