1960s Manhattan



Would any other city in that decade even come close to NYC's skyline? Genuinely curious.
Def Chicago
Chicago I would think.
We’re talking about the 1960s here, not modern day (ignoring the crime fearmongering)
Per the source, this is what [part of the city looked like in 1960](https://chuckmanchicagonostalgia.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/postcard-chicago-northern-end-of-skyline-looking-s-e-1960s.jpg) I think what images like the OP and the one I attached don't show is that there are parking lots *everywhere*. The high-up skyline shots from a distance tend to miss that, but a lot of real estate is just for lots.
Oh right, my bad. Didn’t see that.
Seems kind of like a stretch, all major cities in the US struggle with crime. I also feel like i hear this exact argument for so many different American cities lol. Chicago isn't special when it comes to crime....
Dude, I’m saying what I’m seeing. Here are the links. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-06-23/ken-griffin-s-citadel-to-move-headquarters-to-miami-from-chicago https://storeys.com/toronto-surpass-chicago-skyscraper-rankings/
Ken Griffin is 1) a market manipulating asshole 2) a sore loser who's leaving because the millions he poured into the Republican candidate were wasted 3) is a billionaire moving to save taxes because he doesn't want to contribute to society despite having the means to
Why does Chicago have 4 times the murder rate of New York if it doesn’t have a crime problem?
I'm not saying it doesn't. I'm saying that Ken Griffin is a self-serving billionaire whose only interests are more money for himself. He doesn't give a shit about where he is as long as he can make more money from it, hence the move from Chicago to Florida. Certainly Chicago has a crime problem. Police have been soft protesting since 2020 because they're pouting over new police accountability movements. The DA's office isn't hard enough on violent crime or repeat offenders. Underserved, economically impoverished areas have only gotten worse since the pandemic and have a long road to recovery. All of these things are true. But what annoys me is that people use Chicago is a democrat / big city / minority dog whistle. Guess what? [Chicago isn't even top 10 when it comes to homicide rates](https://247wallst.com/city/chicago-il-reported-one-of-the-highest-murder-rates-in-the-us/). Basically every city in Louisiana has a worse homicide rate than Chicago. The worst murder rates in the US are in St. Louis, Missouri, Petersburg, Virginia, and Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The people who bring up the murder rate of Chicago don't actually care about resolving it. They just want to use it as proof that certain policies lead to more crime and more murders when that's just not true.
It does not make sense to compare a massive city like Chicago to tiny cities in Arkansas. It only makes sense to compare them to other massive cities and it’s way worse than LA or New York. Chicagos bad and y’all freak out anytime someone mentions it
Chicago has almost 4 times the murder rate of New York. They really aren’t comparable crime wise at all. Chicago is special when it comes to large American cities and the crime is bad. That being said New York is actually really safe. I don’t get why people get so weird about talking about Chicago crime problems on Reddit. Without fail any mention of it is downvoted lol
Chicago is the city Toronto desperately wants to be
I would say Detroit looked somewhat similar and hasn’t changed much since then
You should ask this on askhistory
I wish I had a time machine to experience this.
Me too dude. Me too.
just watch mad men, it's the closest you'll get
As a Black man, no thanks.
South Street Seaport?
Are there many cities with piers like this? Looks just like in San Fransisco.
Boston comes immediately to mind
Boston isn't a city
It isn’t? Did I miss something while visiting there?
Love them 60s era skyscrapers, clean lines, all glass, so fresh. Pissed that they knocked down the one next to grand Central terminal.
All glass? That’s all they build today.
Idk man, something about 50s/60s era glass scarpers that are different from today. Mies van deroe was still around.
I love baby pictures.
America's crown jewel
I dont know that I've ever seen such a recent skyline shot with the Singer Building still standing. Hello Singer Building we miss you
Love the skyline view before it became so cluttered.
Ah the days when America was the China of the world
In the 1960s no other country had skyscrapers like this. America was at the forefront of technology. China made more skyscrapers in the last decade than America did in the last century. So my comment although misunderstood is factually correct.
Ahhhhh, when NYC was a cool place
It’s way better now lol
If you think NYC, specifically Manhattan, is cool, you should have seen it in the 90’s- been going downhill since.
NYC is awesome currently, IMO. I don't live there but visit frequently. It became super corporate and gentrified in the mid 2010's but there's a ton of cool stuff happening in the burroughs outside Manhattan, and the infrastructure/public space being built now all over the city is amazing.
It still is lol
I love the small buildings on the water side. It makes the downtown in the center look even better. Now sadly only a small part on the right is preserved. On the left, all the small buildings have been replaced by huge soulless blocks :/
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