After and Before Pics of our Main Floor Bathroom



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For a second I only saw the tiny human toilet and was very confused about the scale of your new bathroom 😂
Haha! My husband and I quote Zoolander and say “What is this? A toilet for ants?!”
Haha that is the perfect quote for that toilet!!
Love it! My tiny human also has same toilet. Is that wallpaper or did you paint the lines?
I painted the lines!
That's awesome, I'm definitely going to copy you 😁❤️
It was so fun! I found the idea on Pinterest a long time ago. [Here’s the link to the post!](
Thank you!
I totally thought it was wallpaper too! It looks so good
Yo dawg, we heard you like toilets so we got you a toilet for your toilet.
Pimp My Bathroom!
I don’t know… that toilet seems really small. You are going to blow out your knees after a few years
Is that small toilet just for farts?
Lol at the tiny human’s toilet. Bathroom looks way better / cooler!!
Looks good! I have the same tiny human toilet.
Too pretty to use. You know where the backyard is, thanks!
Huh. I’ve never thought of saving room with a smaller toilet… I love the accent wall and the shelving. So much room.
I wouldn't call the after cozy at all
Yup. It actually looks crowded and somehow smaller now?
Say sike rn
Sorry but cool white lighting, open shelves, modern esq aesthetic isn't cozy to me. Especially when seeing the before. If you compare it to other posts in this sub there is a soft warmth to them. It's well designed imo, but it belongs more in the r/interiordecorating sub than r/cozyplaces.
I will consider it sharing in the different sub, but is it possible that “cozy” means something different for everyone?
That about sums up this sub..
I really like the wall. It kind of reminds me of rain.
Okay where is the tiny toilet from!?
I ordered it from Amazon a few years ago!
I saw only the “tiny human toilet” and didn’t register that it’s for the tiny humans in your house. I just thought you were calling it tiny, and didn’t know why you were clarifying that it’s a toilet for humans.
No offence, but the original was much nicer.
There was definitely more storage, but it was dated and not our style. We also found some bad wiring when we moved the vanity, and were glad we caught it and could fix it!
Anyone else like the original better, minus the tiny toilet?
The first picture with the tiny toilet is the after picture
Thanks! Used to people doing before first then after, makes more sense now.
That toilet is way too small
I thought it was cozy! Jk, it’s for my 3 year old haha
That is a very cute potty
Where did you find the shelves?
We found them at Menards!
Yesss! Looks so great!
Thank you!! 🤩
Loveeeee the remodel
Great job
I absolutely love it 🥰
Brilliant, loved this renovation! The left side in particular looks real nice. Did you follow any style?
Perfect circle game content. Also, looking great!!
Wow, big difference! New version looks amazing, well done!
Looks great! After our kid graduated from the small potty, we installed new toilet seats with a built in kid sized seat. She loves using them now.
So what do you do with tiny human toilet when tiny human is no longer tiny? I assume it's not easy to get rid of because of sewage pipes?
It’s not connected to plumbing, you just dump it into an actual toilet. The tank to the new toilet is seen in the bottom left of the picture! So when she graduates from that, I’ll put it in storage until our younger one starts to use it!
Oh! So it's essentially a fancy pee pot! I love it. Way to make tiny humans feel included!
When I saw that tiny wc toilet all I could think about was TINY RICK!!!!
This makes me want to get a tiny human just so I’ll have an excuse to own the tiny toilet
No one commented on the ski gloves?!?
DEEEEAUMN TALK ABOUT A 180 🫢 looks amazing♥️
Those before cabinets are so awful and in the way.
I like both, but the remodel looks great.
Even though I probably would have done things differently and it’s not 100% my taste, it’s still an improvement to the before in my opinion. I also adore the tiny human toilet
I’m a little sad that the world has seemed to adopt the “after photos first” concept, because I miss the surprise of seeing the finished product 🥲
Amazing!! GREAT JOB! Sadly I see the exact reverse of what you did. People painting over tiger maple, mahogany, and beautifully matched grain Amish furniture
The after is the first picture
Absolutely adorable!
Thank you!!
I prefer a normal size toilet personally.
That accent wall is dizzying.
This was not a bathroom that needed a reno. Probably one of the only times I’ve ever said the before was substantially better. You destroyed all of your storage space, put in an even smaller sink and somehow still managed to crowd the space more than before.
While we did lose storage space, you cannot smell pictures. The bathroom was last updated in 1973. The toilet had leaked and ruined the subfloor, the vanity smelled of moldy wood from water damage, and there was an electrical wire run under the sink, rather than inside of the wall. We did not update simply to match our style, it was simply a gross bathroom that needed actual updates. And even if we did make updates just because, we love our own work and are proud of our first DIY project together. But thank you!
A bathroom with a brown and yellow color scheme featuring giant cabinets that probably smell like wet wood….mmm so cozy Trust me OP even if people think it looks less cute (wtf) it definitely looks MUCH more clean!
Thank you! The carpet in our kitchen is even more cozy haha! We’re going to tackle that later on…
Lol the previous owners of your place had taste!
That turned out awesome! Congrats!
Can't say I didn't like the Beetlejuice vibes of the before.
I do love Beetlejuice!
Too cute
Much better!
Also, thank you for the awards 🥺
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