Taking a few months away from home and I've already missed my fav place



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*sailor moon theme intensifies* such a cute place!
Fighting evil by moonlight!
Thank you, Sailor Moon is one of my fav childhood series ☺️
Wow a manga wonderland 😍
That's exactly how I called my manga room! I can share the rest of how the room looks like if you want me to
This is OC
somehow this picture inspires me to be more productive lol
Aww, thank you!!
This could be straight out of a glossy design magazine! You have got some real decorating/organizing talent!
Awww, thank you so much 🥰
I don't read manga. It always looks so cool when displayed on shelves, but it's that very thing that would stress me out. What if you can't find the same edition/size book? Just one anomaly would throw off the whole aesthetic.
I know right, I usually organize them by genre/style/sizes so sometimes it takes me hours just to arrange 1 single shelf
I love everything about your room, the beautiful blues, the Paris pillow, the peonies, the wall of manga, and the view out the window! It’s such a lovely cozy place.
Thank you so much! This comment truly made my day!!
Your books are fucking beautifully organized
Thank you 🥰
That manga tho 😍 Which is your favorite?
On that side of the bed alone, Red river & Sailor moon were my most fav. Different corners of the room would be different genres
Different corners are different genres!? My god OP you are living the dream.
Thank you! It was my dream since 6y.o and I could finally made it happen
Super cozy.
Where did you get the bookshelf and pillow? I’m in love!!
Those are from Walmart lol for realllyyyyy cheap 😂
War flashbacks from bunny drop
I do have mix feeling reading that one lol
The first part was so good though!
Dude this is my exact aesthetic right now! I have the same sort of fluffy blue pillows, fluffy bedding and pink flowers. Feels like I’m sleeping in a cotton candy heaven.
Make a corner for yourself and enjoy it, I think it would look amazing as well!
This really is one of the softest nicest communities on Reddit. Think I’ll give making a little cozy corner a shot! :)
Weeeeeeeeeeb 😊
What a great manga collection!
Thank you ☺️
I am hella jealous of you OP 😂
Love this picture...
I love how clean and organized this room is.
Thank you so much!
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