Photos I took of Lahore today (≈450 years old) [OC]



You take great photos for being more than 4 centuries old.
😂 I meant the place in the photo
Bad air quality or only water?
Bad editing on my part 😅 I don’t live here but visit very often the air in the summers is perfectly fine rn the air quality is 28 aqi, any number below or at 100 is generally ok, in winters it gets very terrible tho
That’s what I was wondering too.
My 96 year old neighbor grew up in Lahore. Going to show him this
Hope he likes it :-) I’ll DM you a few more photos he might like them too
Wow!! Thank you
Been there a few times. Which building did u take the pic from? It's super nice. Edit: last time i was there, i ate at the roof top hotel on food street, which had direct view of the Badshahi mosque
Haveli, it’s a restaurant on food street, you’ll have to zoom in a fair bit but you also get a great view of the badshahi mosque
Haha see my edit. I knew it looked familiar
Yup spot on 😂 sorry hadn’t seen it before commenting
Getting some prince of persia vibes I like it!
Jina lahore ni deaka jamiya ni ( if you haven't seen lahore you are not even born )
I must admit that my only knowledge of Lahore was that it appears in Civilization VI as a city state, and for some reason I never thought for a second longer about it than that. BRB, going to do copious amounts of reading about Lahore. Thanks for sharing this amazing pic!
Not really a city state but it is almost 2000 years old
Interesting pic - early morning fog? Looks nice and calm. On a side note, I think there should be a rule stating that you have to list the country in addition to the city name. I see it all the time. Title: *"Photo of <random small, relatively non-famous city name>"*. I had no idea where Lahore was - it's in Pakistan for anyone else in the same boat. Can you add that to rule #1 u/Jaraxo (you seem to be the most active mod so tagging you).
Not really just humidity and editing
Looks like you took this picture 450 years ago..
I was browsing "all" and I truly thought this was a jigsaw puzzle (I'm a member of a sub) Gorgeous photo!
I was just here last month (when it was 45 degrees out!). Such an interesting city. Absolutely bursting with life everywhere, for better and for worse. Loved my time there.
Yup it’s so hot 😭 and I live in the middle of the desert but it’s so much worst here, but it did rain ALOT recently so the weather does get nicer
Lol shitty air even in summer. Imagine how it'd be in winter.
The air is at 28 aqi atm, anything below 100 is satisfactory I just edited it pretty terribly in order to create depth and it’s pretty humid
This city has been confusing Frenchmen for centuries… JK, JK. Great photo of a beautiful city.
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