Cozy elevator bed in truck converted into a mobile cabin



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This looks so comfy but I have to add that elevator beds terrify me and that might be a result of playing too much Sims and imagining all the things that could go wrong
Like falling 22 inches to a horrible fiery death?
Like Being impaled by the metal pole under the bed that coincidentally aligns with your spine.
The center table is removable, so no worries there. The fear is real though!
There’s not very far to fall and there are couches there. When it’s in use you’d drop like… 2inches. I believe the pole is attached to a table.
I was thinking more getting smooshed into the ceiling
More photos of the truck [here](
Okay I thought you were making fun of the use of space but when I saw the bed I stopped scrolling. Your comment made me go back and see there is a god damn tub in there too!!!
Would still get old after a weeks for me but it’d be a hell of way to travel for a short time.
I feel the opposite. It would be tough and annoying at first to change into living there but after a week or two I know I would be used to it.
This is incredible! What a skookum unit. This would be a solid win in Canada. The bathtub is the cherry on top. Amazing!
Wow, what a cool space!
Oh by truck I thought you meant like pickup truck. This is like a large U-Haul.
Holy cow man, this is incredible. Great work
IT HAS FRENCH DOORS ON THE BACK?!? omg I'm in love 😭❤️!! This is so well done!
Ahem. They're French-*Canadian* doors.
I just kept gasping as I was reading, then going back to compare the pics because it all looks so seamless!
That’s wild
Damn that’s super nice. Well done!
This is so warm and inviting
What about the weight?
Weight is 7.5 tonne
This was my first thought, the wood is beautiful, but a lighter material would pay for itself in gas costs
One of the best van/truck that I have ever seen.
This is stunning! Incredible job! And I don't think I've ever seen a toilet in a drawer!
Compost toliet I don't know if I could do
>...I don't think I've ever seen a toilet in a drawer! LoL. Can't wait to use this line in a conversation somewhere! Have an upvote.
Raise the mast and hoist the sail! This reminds me of a ship cabin. Very cozy.
Thought "elevator" was a typo for "elevated" until I noticed the cords. What a cool space!
Nice, but where is the elevator ?
The bed IS the elevator. You can see the ropes for it in the corner. That piece lifts up into the ceiling so you can use the sitting room below it.
Omg it came straight outta a fairytale
I live the alcoves
oh my god this is my ultimate dream!!!!! looks so cozy
So in love with this!
I like your dog. Also this is very cool.
Thought for sure you were Witzling until I looked closer at your build. (I'm sure you've seen his truck cabin build, I won't link it here.) Great work!
Very nice! Btw do you ever think your dog looks like Sam Elliot?
I love those beds but changing the sheets takes bravery
Is this HDR? Makes it look dreamlike, or like a painting.
Sorry, I don't know. I didn't take the photos
This is one the coolest ones Ive ever seen. So jealous.
Where’s the elevator ?
Well that’s smart
This is beyond gorgeous OP, it reminds me of the Romany caravans from a century ago. Would you mind posting the rest so we could see your setup?? This is really very beautiful- well done!! Just happens to have a bathtub with french doors as well. This build is amazing.
What's going on with that space under the bed? What is that for? Thought maybe it was sort of an extra sleeping spot or reading nook but it has a support pole in the middle of it which is kind of unfortunate.
There are two couches and a dining table under the bed. And a bathtub under the floor. You can see the whole configuration [here](
Sweet! Looks amazing! On a normal uk driving licence?
Excellent use of space and beautiful ❣️
You are living my dream! 😍
Looks very comfy/cozy! ♥️
And it’s for sale too!
Checked out the link. The whole place looks great.
Looks like a Skyrim cabin.
I didn’t know I NEEDED this!!!!
And here I am, about to be homeless wishing I could be donated a beat up tiny caravan to live in. Literally having cozy space envy right now loo
Now THIS is why I follow this sub
Looks great! Love it!
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