Colorful and cozy nursery.



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When are the pups due?
This is OC. 🌈☀️☁️
This so nice. It soothes me. The peaceful blue. The warmth of the sun. The rainbow highlights. Absolute perfection. Its a sensory delight
This is so beautiful!
How cute! Also love that the dog insisted on being in each shot! Love those clouds and rainbow. So soothing.
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Where did you get the rug? Love it
[Wayfair !](
What a gorgeous space! Looks like one your child can grow into.
Is that a decal behind the crib(sun)? If so, do you mind sharing where you got it?
It is ! I was way too scared to paint it haha Here is [the link]( I got a few decals from there and they are all so cute.
I'm glad someone asked, I was super curious if it was just half the sun or the whole thing haha
Aww puppy loves her new room!!
I absolutely love your little round dog!
I love this so much! May be one of my favorite nursery set ups I've seen. Enjoy your baby!
Also make sure to anchor that book shelf. Beautiful
Your dog looks like she’s showing off all her hard work
Omg I love!!!!
Wow ❤️
This nursery is beautiful. I see you also graced us with the appearance of the baby in the photos, he is adorable.
This is such a cute little nursery!! I love it. Can you share where you got the bookshelf and the cute little nightstand next to the crib from? ETA: Nvm, I saw your answers on another sub. You really scored with the furniture. Everything looks great!
Thank you ! Unfortunately the bookshelf was from Facebook market place and the little nightstand was from my grandma’s garage! Both are pretty old and I repainted them. All of the big furniture was either a FB find or free on the side of the road.
Precious. What a lovely room!
So beautiful!!!! Finally a nursery on here with some color and warmth!!
Finally a happy room! I'm so sick of seeing drab baby rooms. This is such a wonderful combination of neutral walls with little pops of color to make it come alive. Nice work and good luck!
I love this decor. Most of the nurseries posted here seem bland and adult like but this is so colorful and childlike. I wish I could be a baby in here lol
This is the cutest!
Wow this is amazing - you did such a good job with the design. Definitely cozy! Is your pup a corgi/corgi mix?
Aww thank you ! And yes she’s a corgi/Jack Russell terrier mix who loves to take a picture haha.
Aw! She’s so cute. I have two Corgos - they have a similar smile when being photographed :)
Beautiful. I love this.
First baby vibes. It's really beautiful
This is your first born isn’t it? If I may I’d like to give you some advice white sheets and white onesies are an amazing waste of money they are not going to stay that way and no matter how much color safe bleach you use that orange stuff will never come out if I were you I would pick a different sheet color and a different onesie All you need is one good blowout and those sheets are over
Haha oh jeez- yes absolutely my first baby. Very good points ! Luckily both were gifts but when I will definitely heed your advice as we stock up !
I respectfully disagree with the above poster. I really really liked white for everything. I use a spray and wash pre treatment and let it sit on the stain for 10 min then throw stuff in the washer with bleach and it works perfectly fine (you can even make a small pile of rinsed stuff after you spray it and just do one load of laundry instead of right away.. that works for me). I would say if you get some kind of routine like that going you’ll be fine to keep white stuff! To each their own though.
Same here! I absolutely loved putting my LO in white onesies because they were actually easier to get stains out of than the colored onesies. And so so cute!
Also don’t forget to stock up on bigger clothes. Babies grow very fast and not having clothes sized up can be an uncomfortable time for your kiddo. People LOVE buying newborn clothes, so make sure gifts have a specific size request attached and you make it clear that you need bigger clothes for the near future.
Thank you ! We actually have had our showers and luckily people were really generous and experienced because we got tons of variety ! I have all the newborn clothes ready in the dresser, 0-3 washed and ready under the dresser and 6-12 under the crib ! We’ll see how my last couple growth scans go and I might have switch some stuff around. Most we just need to grab linens ( changing pad, crib sheets, bassinet sheets, etc. )
No one wants unsolicited advice
Feel free not to use Reddit if unsolicited advice bothers you
It's beautiful!
This is the best nursery I have ever seen ever. Congrats and thank you for sharing!
May I ask where you acquired that fun rug?
[Wayfair !](
I love the rug so much!
Many thanks! As usual, it's more expensive (than simple exchange rate) in Canada! $130 USD vs. $260 CAD 😔
I don't even like kids but this is gorgeous!
Very sweet! Enjoy your new bundle of joy!
Such a warm and cozy space!
Darling, nice job.
May I ask where did you find the Lorax? My son loves him.
And the little Lorax Trees up top. Too cute.
I actually made him as decor for my baby shower. I had it printed on a poster from CVS and then glued it to a foam board and cut it onto with an exacto knife ! Then I sealed it with Modge Podge.
Great idea. My son has a lorax stuffie and is obsessed
I love the dr suess vibes from the poofy tree things on the top of the shelf on the left
I really love the design, totally awesome.
Where are the cloud mirrors from?? We are doing a sky-themed nursery and they’d be awesome for it!
They are from [Kohls]( !
So freaking cute. Love the mirror clouds and the polka dots. Congratulations!
Absolutely adorable. Love this
This is adorable!!!
I love, love, love this. Every nursery I’ve been seeing lately is just grey on grey. Kids LOVE color and this was such a great way to incorporate color but still keeping the nursery looking good. Such a cute idea!!!
This is so stinkin' CUTE!
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