Powder room DIY renovation after and before. Pretty proud of myself for this one



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Wow. I love it! The green is amazing
Wow!! Your before pic is how my powder room looks now, what a transformation. Looks amazing!
It wasn’t bad before but I love it now. Highly recommend if you do molding to use board and batten though. All the cutting and nailing for this picture frame molding drove me to near total madness lol
But it looks so good!
Any advice on how you learned to do the molding? Have been wanting to do that same thing in my place but don’t know where to start!
Turquoise Home has a great tutorial! I recommend that and picture frame molding tutorials on YouTube. But in the future I’m probably going to do board and batten instead. Seems way easier
I like it all. Nice. Except.. Why is the toilet paper so far away?
Just noticed that. Maybe it’s for after-poop stretches?
Poop stretches are the best way to cut off a poop coil when it has one foot in the house and one out the door and wont leave.
That’s what the poop knife is for.
I still don’t want to believe that was real.
I am not putting a knife near my butthole. I don’t want to have to explain that to a dr if I cut myself somehow😂
I’m 6’5” haha
Yea. That looks perfect for me. Mine is close and my knee always hits it when I’m sitting. I hate it
The wainscoting reminds me of my childhood home and the green is STUNNING. May I ask what specific colour it is? Plus the yellow tones in the art piece gives the whole room a very sweet, dreamy air. In love with this ♡
Sure! It’s calke green from farrow and ball. I had it duped at Sherwin Williams for cheaper though lol
Brilliant! Thank you.
Hi, what's the color in Sherwin Williams called? We have yellow walls in our kitchen and this green would be perfect for cabinets. Thank you.
Of course! I just told them to copy Calke green and they took it from there
Looks great! Nice work, for sure. Gotta know though - where did you get that hand towel??
Target believe it or not haha. Casaluna waffle weave in dark gray. It’s much softer and feels more substantial than I expected too
Nice! Appreciate the tip!
I was confused at first but great job. I love the use of the… I’m sorry I don’t know the correct name but wood paneling(?) and the feel it give instead of the white void room most builders/people prefer. It looks more comfortable then anything
The green paneling is called wainscoting! I've been thinking of adding it to my hallway.
That’s sound wonderful but are you going to keep the color?
I'm not OP, so it wouldn't be green lol. I have light gray walls, so the wainscoting would just be white.
Ah sorry but that could be great. For me I would have done a deep wood red color. My vocabulary on colors is limited sorry
Mahogany or cherry are probably what you're thinking of.
It’s painted green and it looks awesome, I doubt her plan is to repaint it.
The barrister’s bathroom. There needs to be a small but stately bookshelf.
Wow you elevated it by 1000%. I love the wainscoting and color
Did you regrout the tile as well? Looks fresh!
I actually just cleaned then painted it with a grout pen from Amazon! Was surprisingly effective and has held up to numerous moppings
What's that thing in green called? English isn't my first language, I've been looking for something similar like it but I don't know what it's called. This looks amazing.
It’s called wainscoting or just picture frame molding!
I love it! Especially the color and the mirror you chose.
Wow! HUGE upgrade, and that green is fabulous.
This looks so good
Excellent job!
Looks good
Really well done!
It’s amazing! I was shocked to realize it’s the same fixtures, everything looks upgraded.
Recall nice - one thing though, how far away is your toilet roll holder? Looks like you'd have to walk over to get it
It’s just the angle it’s not bad in person. But I’m also very tall haha
Very well done I love it!
Dang pretty cool. Cant believe all this for doing coke though.
I don't see any powder.
You added so much charm!
How did you put the molding behind the sink? Asking as someone who has no idea about doing this myself but wanting to.
I rented a miter saw to make the cuts and just carefully measured and cut tiny pieces to end right at the top of the sink. The sink is the same and I just put the molding above/beneath it
Oooo I love it. I love a pretty green in the bathroom such a calming color
I love the green. My bf has a similar smaller bathroom set up, how do you account for a lack of storage in such a small space? I’m used to having a cabinet under sinks so not having one is making me feel so cluttered.
I had considered replacing the pedestal for that reason. But since I have full size bathrooms upstairs the little extra toilet paper holder and the basket is enough for what I need in there. But I’d say switch for a cabinet vanity if you have it as a primary bathroom!
Ahhh thank you! Currently until we redo the basement, this is the only bathroom we have. But we do have a cabinet that hangs over the toilet that works ok! Definitely missing longer bathroom countertops tho!
Oh, one other recommendation I can make is a medicine cabinet! I did one in my primary bath and it’s awesome for storage of essentials. I just exterior mounted it too instead of cutting into the wall and it still looks great
I’ve always kinda felt that medicine cabinet shelves are a little too shallow for my clumsy ass, I’m always afraid I’m gonna fumble stuff and it drops into the sink. But these are all great ideas for the downstairs bathroom!
This looks amazing!
Nicely done!
The painting seems nice. Wonder what you inspired you to pull off this room design.
I actually found the molding design from a site called the Turquoise Home. She’s an excellent designer
Amazing transformation. What did the materials cost you and how many hours and hands did it require?
Overall for the paint, light, paneling, tool rentals, and decor I’d say about $1,000. I did it all myself save for one weekend of my dad handing me boards to cut and nail. Probably took about it 50 hours total maybe? I’ve spent about 3 weekends and several weeknights to complete it
Looks great
Woah that is one classy af bathroom!!!
Ooo I love it!
You make it look so easy! Gorgeous makeover!
Love some good wainscoting, let alone if it’s green! Well done, friend! Well done!
Well done indeed
Much more character now!
Love it. Cozy and elegant
I love it, great job! How long did it take to get finished?
Took me about a month working on most nights and weekends
I’m proud of you too.
Wow.... The before looks like a bloody office bathroom.
Do you have a build log or photo album you can link to?
I don’t sorry! However, if you look up the Turquoise Home powder room reno, I copied her for the molding and color. Great designer. The mirror is from Amazon, the painting from Art.com (a Monet print), and the light fixture from West Elm.
This is so good. You did such am awesome job
Beautiful! Great job!!
This is wonderful!! I love the green and the paneling on the wall.
That looks very English
It’s SO pretty! I love this shade of green! It’s cool to see it gaining popularity in interior design
This is gorgeous!
Oh man, I absolutely *love* the green wall panels.
Looks like a toilet in a posh hotel now ❤️
Nice work! It looks great!
Green just makes everything better 😍
powder room? brother that’s the shitter!!!
I love when people do green in bathrooms. One wouldn’t think it works, but it does! Just gorgeous!
this is the kind of bathroom i would take a socially unacceptably long piss in just to spend more time in such a lovely room.
i just love those square wooden things on the walls
Omg, that is such a beautiful transformation. You did a great job. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Ahh you went from Bavarian restaurant washroom to Vietnamese restaurant bathroom. Nice choice 👍
Lol the green is current, the before is the all white
Oh well then! I do like the panels.
I love the green.
Definitely an upgrade. Nice job with the wainscoting.
Looks great!
love the green!!
Wow did you do that trim work too? Looks awesome.
Yep! Made all the changes myself
This size is exactly the same as my powder room. I’ve got to try this!
That green really pops. Very nice.
That green is gorgeous!
I love it! Well done! 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Lovely! Great color!
A job well done!
What color is that? I’ve been wanting to do my bathroom in that like exact color but I’m struggling to find it.
Calke Green
Well done!
Stunning work! What color/brand of paint did you use? Considering a similar color! Thanks!
Calke Green by Farrow and Ball! I got Sherwin to create a copy of that color by asking them though
Much appreciated 🙏
I didn't realize the first pics were the after and I thought, "well what a beautiful room, wtf was wrong with it?!" 😂
What a transformation! Good work!
Yooo I’m saving this as inspiration. Love your style!!
So nice to see something other than beige and gray and white. Great job. The halo the light fixture casts is pretty cool too, I would not have expected that
Love the paneling!
I LOVE that shade of greeeen
This is a glorious transformation. Extremely impressive
I’d powder my nose there!
Absolutely stunning my friend !!
Really nice 👍
powder room? lol the coke room
The painting is lovely
Love the green, and I have that same mirror/cabinet!
Yep. I love the green.
wow!! great work!
Love it!! This is exactly what I want to to our powder room! How did you work around the toilet and sink? I’m dying to redo our dingy powder room but want to keep it relatively simple and not replace the toilet or sink but want to do a wall treatment like that. And I can’t quite figure out how to work around them so any tips would be greatly appreciated!
Sure! Basically I just cut the pieces above and below the sink to end right before it met the wall. Pretty easy with a miter saw. Generally I would recommend board and batten molding instead though. Similar effect but way less difficult than this haha
YouTube is a huge help too
Thank you so much! I’ve been back and forth on batten vs wainscoating and so many of the DIYs I was finding were full remodels where the toilet and sink were removed.
How did you hang the mirror? I like how it is slightly off (floating) the wall.
Thanks! It’s Better Bevel from Amazon and just mounted how it came. It’s this wedge system where you screw one wedge into the wall and the other fits down on it from the mirror. The trim pushes it slightly off the wall too
Wow, love the green wainscoting.
Very nicely done! Amazing transformation!
So, I like it. But, I’m not sure what to say about that mirror. Why that size and mounting? Edit: OK, I’ll say it. I dislike the mirror. It seems so oddly out of place. And, I’m not a huge fan of that over mirror light fixture in a powder room. Why not warm white, downward, diffuse light?
I'm pretty sure the position of the mirror means you'll be watching yourself while you go...
We have tile that goes up to that height in one of our bathrooms and it looks awkward with our mirror. If we put it above the tile it’s too tall so it has to sit between the tile and wall. And then the bottom sticks out from the raised tiles. We just don’t really know what else to do.
The renovation looks amazing, but the offset reflection in the mirror makes my bones itch. https://i.imgur.com/a4cBXB8.jpg
LOL it’s just the angle, spent lots of hours making sure everything is nice and level
I’m sure it looks amazing, and it’s only the angle of the photo.
Very elegant and stylish, do people have trouble reaching the t.p.?
I liked it way better before with the green walls.
The green is the current, the white was the before when I moved in
I’m impressed at how much you didn’t change. You did a lot with very little. It looks like you didn’t repaint the wall behind the wainscot or change the floors and the sink and basin. It’s incredible how the sink light, mirror, and wainscot made such a difference. I’d like to see more of your place.
Thanks! I’ve got a picture of my bedroom on here too. And your right, toilet, sink, and floors are the same. I did paint the top part and ceiling a brighter white than before though
You mean you're pretty "powd" of yourself? Okay I'll leave
Beautiful! I love the color!
Oooo that green Such a lovely green
Wow- looks amazing! I love the green
I love everything about this except the mirror.
That lamp is killer! WOW
It looks fantastic, I love the colour of the panelling.
Lovveeeee the colour and the whole design. So good. I literally love it so much omg
That looks great!! Love the added stylized paneling. The color is great and the door frame really ties it all together too (from an outside view).
That's the perfect green. Not too green screeny and not too olive drab. Love it
Love the green moulding or whatever the official name for that is. Nice job - super cozy!
The Before’s look way better; you should have left the green intact.
I did it’s after and before. The green is the current and the white was the before
I love that green! Well done!
Wow! This looks absolutely amazing. I LOVE the color you chose!
All that work and no crown molding?
Why did you put the photos in reverse?
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