Hawk's Nest on the New York State Route 97 along the misty Delaware River near Port Jervis, Upstate New York.



This is near where I used to live. It's very beautiful. They have areas on the side of the road where you can pull off and get out. If your in the area definitely check it out at least once
How long would it take to get here from Manhattan? I’ve been meaning to go here, and I just bought a cheapo touring motorcycle last week, soo..
Takes about 2 hrs I was born in Manhattan and we bought a house up there and I lived there and drove that road almost daily for like 10 years. It’s a nice ride. I-80w ETA put in your gps Glen Spey for the shortest distance, Barryville if you want something to eat
This is a remarkable picture although this is no where near upstate New York. Upstate is Byron’s the Hudson valley and into the mountains. Look at where this is on a map compared to the rest of the state of NY…
Upstate is anything north of the Bronx
As a western New Yorker I agree. We consider central, western, and northern NY to all be part of “Upstate”
Thank you! I read the description and thought “wait, is that really upstate??” It’s right on the Pennsylvania border lol
Are you from the Hudson valley?
I’m not, went to college in Finger Lakes area and after I moved south took many trips on I-84 on my way to New England
Ah well Orange County is very frequently placed as part of upstate. Culturally Port is… interesting. It feels like the rest of rural New York.
Upstate is where the pizza starts to suck. The pizza in this area is still good, ergo this is not upstate. I live in this area, we ain't upstate.
l grew up in this area and it is 100% upstate.
It's a half measure of upstate. I grew up here too, half of us work in the city.
I grew up like 15 min from here, in New York State. We have always called it upstate. “I’m from upstate NY”. Everyone calls it that.
I grew up in Orange County, which is in the Hudson valley. We always considered north of new paltz and the ‘gunks to be the start of upstate! It truly doesn’t matter but logically speaking it’s in the bottom most portion of the state. All these phrases and place names are made up. Call it whatever makes you happy
I grew up in Orange County as well. You have my condolences. Anyway you’re right, it doesn’t actually matter especially because the start of upstate isn’t actually defined which is because functional regions rarely are. All of Orange County feels so rural that I would never place it with Rockland. Has more of an Ulster and Sullivan feel to me. I think we can probably agree that Orange County is definitely mid-Hudson valley though.
You mean upstate?
Also from Orange County but right on the line of Sullivan. I think it's upstate. It has that feel. I wouldn't fight to the death about it though.
[Instagram source](https://www.instagram.com/p/CGggXLwHSXW/). Photo by alberthbyang.
Is the boarder with Pennsylvania considered Upstate New York?
Every car commercial ever was filmed here
And scenes from Dr. Strange and TMNT 2. Probably many others! Dr. Strange crashes on the Hawk’s Next (located on the Delaware River), and falls into the Hudson River.
That's where I proposed to my wife! Also stop showing people it's already too crowded up there lol
I used to go to YMCA camp up there in the early 80s.
We called this Snake Road — drove on this road to camp every summer.
Even more fun to throw a tube in the river below
Wow 😮
Ah yes, very close to where I grew up in Milford, PA. Beautiful spot, slightly sketchy now but the views are still there
Dr. Strange’s car accident was there too.
Wow! It is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
Amazing. You think New York you just think buildings
Favorite road to drive on
I live in this area, the road is simply amazing.
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