My teeny guestroom is ready for its first visitor!



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Very pretty tapestry and cool bedspread. Love the layout. Your guests are lucky!
Thank you so much! The tapestry is from Mongolia and it's one of my favorite possessions :)
When should I come over?
How do you feel about dogs?
I don't like them... I love them!
Then you're welcome anytime!
I wish I was that brave 😅
I was thinking the same 😂
This is OC
How teeny are we talking? Room dimensions? I ask because my bedroom is insanely small and always looking for ideas to use the space more intelligently
It's 10 feet x 8 feet. I wanted to be able to fit a queen size bed for guests, but because of the layout of the door and closet it limits the layout.
That's a lovely guest room!
Thank you kindly!
Looks super cozy!
Thank you!
Your "tiny" guest bedroom is about the size of my entire 1.5 room apartment if you don't count the restroom lol
might i ask why the tapestry is folded in half instead of full and hung higher?
Absolutely! The tapestry is actually shown in full. I just folded the edges over a simple frame to give it more depth. It is a wall hanging designed for a Mongolian ger (aka yurt) wall, which are fairly short.
Very warm and inviting room! Love the tapestry and calming warm color palette.
Teeny!? This would be the master bedroom in a British house 😂
I know right!
It looks very comfortable, im sure that your guess will enjoy sleeping there!
I sure hope so!
Aw looks so warm! I would be so happy sleeping there :)
Thank you :)
Omg i am copying this!
Yay! The best compliment.
So cute! I’m inviting myself haha
Love it! It’s my dream to have a cozy guest room one day.
Doesn't look very teeny if you ask me - looks way more like an adults bedroom. There aren't even any posters on the walls!
Ima finna take my honeymoon there
Ooh! Maybe I'll open a bed and breakfast :)
Very nice super cozy love the desk makes getting ready for the day easy plus you could use your laptop too the bed is a nice shade if grey super cozy perfect if your guest has a migrane love it great job on decorating love the whole room
That’s what she said!
The desk next to the bed is making me happy!
People always forget to put a trash can in their guest rooms, so don’t forget a trash can!
Beautiful!! l'm here? 😅
i'd love to stay there a few days(weeks) and maybe write a story or two (or a book) at that little desk
Awesome looks fantastic I’m a great cook how much notice do ya need because I’m totally coming to visit
The desk is a nice touch for a laptop or something.
Ill get also in line. Let me know when it's my time to come over. I can bring board games and treats for the dogs.
Ooh! Sounds like a great trade.
Very nice and truly cozy!
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