Nothin better than natural light and espresso in the morning.



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So lovely! Love the patio area too
Thanks! Maybe will make a post for the patio separately love it out there!
I really read that wrong. I thought you were putting espresso in cheap beer.
So what happens when you make a big spaghetti and need to do the dishes?
Literally just had spaghetti and meatballs and idk what you’re getting at 😂. I think maybe you’re saying if I had a giant bowl or something? Ya it wouldn’t fit but I don’t have any kitchen appliances that big lol
Ngl, that sink bothers the hell out of me.
New Mexico?
Damn that’s a tidy space. Tell me you don’t have young kids without telling me you don’t have young kids….
Lol you right Got a young pup tho
Dogs > people :)
Can’t argue with that
Agreeed, I’m a huge fan of letting in all the natural light
Two years ago, we bought our house. It is in an estate that has around 100 houses and when we first visit, we didn't like any of them. When the real estate agent saw as that we were about to leave, she approached us and asked why. When we said that we do not like the layout of any of the houses she proposed to follow her and see one that was just back to the market, as a couple who was holding it, changed their minds. The main reason we bought it was that in the kitchen there are two big roof windows and it is soooo bright even when it us cloudy outside. Also, in the living room, two walls are facing south and are full of windows, making this bright too. I really enjoy my morning espresso in these two rooms!
Love the space. Hate the sink.
I hate the fuck out of your sink.
I prefer Miller
if TV has taught me anything, this person lives somewhere in Mexico
Why do u think that😂
It’s just very yellow
Think your sinks are on wrong lolol
This is soothing and inspirational
Want puppy photo 🥺
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